Motherhood is special time in many women’s lives, however often patients mention to me that they don’t recognize their bodies after they’ve given birth and they tend to lose their self confidence.

Mommy Makeover

Motherhood is a special time in many women’s lives, however, often patients mention to me that they don’t recognize their bodies after they’ve given birth and they tend to lose their self-confidence. The effects of the pregnancy and breastfeeding can sometimes be improved with diet and exercise, however more often than not, no matter how hard you try it is impossible to improve the effects of stretched skin around the tummy or tighten the sagging breast tissues without undergoing several surgical procedures.

By combining various surgical techniques, Dr Nerina Wilkinson can help you regain your pre-pregnancy body and, sometimes a better shape than what you had before your pregnancy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Included In A Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Make-Over (Step 1 as below), is an Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) combined with Mastopexy (breast lift) and breast augmentation / breast lipofilling / Reduction Mammoplasty (breast reduction). To enhance your Mommy-Make-Over, further procedures might be recommended to follow at a later stage (Step 2 as below).

Step 1:

  • Breast surgery – Breast augmentation and a breast lift / breast lipofilling / breast reduction
  • Body contouring surgery – Tummy tuck and liposuction

Step 2 (done at a separate occasion to complete a full Mommy Make-Over):

How Is Mommy Makeover Surgery Performed?

A Mommy Make-Over usually takes around six hours, depending on the extent of work required.

For the abdominoplasty Dr Wilkinson will make a long incision from hipbone to hipbone, just above the pubic area. A second incision is made to free the navel from surrounding tissue. With mini abdominoplasty, the incision is much shorter, and the navel may not be moved, although it may be pulled into an unnatural shape as the skin is tightened and stitched. Next, she separates the skin from the abdominal wall all the way up to your ribs and lifts a large skin flap to reveal the vertical muscles in your abdomen. These muscles are tightened by pulling them together and stitching them into their new position. This provides a firmer abdominal wall and narrows the waistline. The skin flap is then stretched down, and the excess skin is removed. A new hole is cut for your navel, which is then stitched in place.

Finally, the incisions will be stitched closed in layers, dressings will be applied, and a temporary drainage tube will be inserted to drain excess fluid from the surgical site. Techniques for Mastopexy/Reduction vary, but Dr Wilkinson almost exclusively uses a Short Scar (Lollipop) technique which involves an incision that circles the areola and extends downward towards the crease beneath the breast. Dr Wilkinson removes excess glandular tissue, fat and skin, and moves the nipple and areola into their new position.

She then brings the skin from both sides of the breast down and around the areola, shaping the new contour of the breast. Liposuction is used to remove excess fat from the armpit area. The nipples remain attached to their blood vessels and nerves. Stitches are located around the areola and in a vertical line extending downward toward the crease of the breast. Dr Wilkinson always tries to use the smallest possible incisions that your breast will allow.

Dissolving stitches are used to close the incisions, which will also be taped for greater support. Drainage tubes will be used for several days following surgery. An Elastoplast bandage will be applied over your breasts to help with healing which will be removed when the drains are removed. 

Who Would Benefit From A Mommy Makeover?

The ideal patient is a mother who is not planning any further pregnancies and who wants to regain her pre-pregnancy body. If you were still planning more children, Dr Nerina Wilkinson would recommend that you delay your surgery, as a pregnancy would undo the favourable results achieved from a mommy makeover.

You may require one or multiple corrections to improve the after-effects of having a child, including:

  • Sagging breasts due to volume loss after breastfeeding
  • Expanded abdominal skin and separated tummy muscles
  • Unwanted fatty deposits around the thighs and love handles
  • Tired looking skin and eyes due to poor sleep
  • Stretched labia and vaginal tissues.

How Long Is The Recovery From A Mommy Makeover?

You’re likely to feel tired and sore for a few days following your surgery, but you’ll be urged to get up and about within 12 hours to minimize risk of DVT (deep vain thrombosis). Most of your discomfort can be controlled by medication prescribed by your doctor. Within 3 – 4 days, the Elastoplast dressings and drainage pipes will be removed, and you will start to wear compression garments supplied by us. You should wear it 24 hours a day for 6 weeks. You may also experience a burning sensation in your abdomen and breasts for about two weeks, but this will subside as bruising fades. Although the stitches are dissolving there will be some little knots to come out 10 – 14 days after surgery, but the swelling in your abdomen, flanks and breasts may take four to six weeks to disappear. 

  • The final shape will only be determined after 3 months. 

How Do I Know If Mommy Makeover Surgery Is Right For Me?

To see if a Mommy Makeover is the best cosmetic surgery procedure for you, always start with a professional consultation with qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon for an in-depth analysis of your facial and body features and to reach a good understanding of your concerns and goals.

Dr Nerina Wilkinson’s unique and comprehensive surgical consultation is available for you to discuss and analyse your concerns and goals and for her (together with her team of specialists) to provide bespoke advice.

Schedule your cosmetic surgery consultation today! 



During our initial meeting, the tissue of your body is photographed and examined in order to make an informed decision of the best course of action.

It’s vital that you’re honest about your expectations of the surgery, so there’s no miscommunication. Moreover, you should inform me of any medical conditions you suffer from, medication you’re taking, and whether or not you’re a smoker. As all of these factors can impact whether or not Dr Nerina Wilkinson deems you fit to undergo this procedure.

A Mommy Makeover includes a variety of procedures, namely:

I have over 18 years worth of experience in cosmetic surgery and have received critical acclaim from my colleagues, peers and patients. Moreover, my team and I are renowned for our excellent pre and post-operative care of our patients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand all of your needs and wants and grant you the opportunity to attain the shape you’ve always desired.

Contact my practice today to book your first consultation with me.



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About Dr Nerina Wilkinson FCS (Plast SA)

Known as Cape towns facial and breast rejuvenation expert, Dr Wilkinson is a leading facial and breast Plastic Surgeon with over 20 years experience in aesthetics. She uses her (micro precision) surgical experience and detailed knowledge to deliver on the signature natural look.

She specialises in Facial & Breast Rejuvenation & Restoration

What sets her apart is her in-depth surgical precision and knowledge combined with delicate artistic eye. Her philosophy is using art and science to deliver on the signature natural look.

“Wow you are a genius. You have made me a very happy lady and I am so grateful. Thank you for all the exceptional care you have given me and all the time and effort you have invested in my body. I feel so confident with my new smaller perkier breasts and tight tummy. I can’t wait for summer and my new bikini top without all the support holding up my heavy breasts. Thanks so much.”

C.W, Mommy Makeover

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