Lycogel Breathable Camouflage – Pearl


Breathable Camouflage with SPF 31

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Overcome any skin problem with this buildable coverage that features an elegant matte finish. Our Breathable Camouflage comes in 12 different shades and can be mixed and layered to suit your coverage needs. Enjoy a long-lasting flawless look that you can maintain throughout the day. Lycogel’s Designer Gel Base is specially made to deliver each and every one of the LYCO-Complex’s 12 active ingredients to the skin for maximum benefits. It’s also water-resistant, providing a long-lasting wear.

Main Ingredients:

How to use:
Apply one pump of product to clean fingertips and spread evenly on the skin. Once the first layer has dried, add more Breathable Camouflage as needed. When you add an additional layer, apply the product on the face using a patting technique. Allow one to two minutes to set.