The Bridal Doctor – Consultation

Written by: Dr Serna Cardoso – BHSc, MBChB (Wits), DipPEC (SA)

1st Appointment: The Bridal Doctor Consultation

When: 6 months to go

Who: Dr Cardoso and Dr Nerina Wilkinson SKIN’s therapists.

What: Skin consult, VISIA Complexion Analysis, customized home skin care regime, 6 month treatment plan drawn up

Cost: R800

Serena's pre-bride visia
My personal pre-bridal VISIA


We start with a skin consultation going into a detailed assessment of all your concerns and hopes. For example, if you have severe acne you may require medical therapy prior to initiating glow therapies. We do a VISIA skin analysis to determine exactly what areas we should target and set out your individualized treatment plan.

VISIA captures high-quality facial images from multiple positions and measures surface and subsurface skin conditions. It does this with cross-polarized UV photography technology. This helps us accurately measure ageing, hyper-pigmentation, UV spots, pores, textures, wrinkles, spots, spider veins and inflammation etc.  Once we have this analysis we can design a treatment plan to improve your skin.


You home skincare regime is one of the most important aspects to work on prior to your wedding. Don’t underestimate how important good topical products are and spending time on your skin every day. You can tell when a woman has a good home care routine. We don’t want you wasting your time and money. We have done the leg work and scientifically appraised the most medical-grade products out there, we only stock skincare lines that have good data, good reviews and that work. Medical products don’t look so pretty on the shelf but that’s not what it’s about. We carefully go over what cleansers, moisturizers, SPF’s and serums you are using and will advise on improvements or adjustments. Most of the time we find women are using inappropriate beauty products that may be more commercially famous than beneficial.

An example is vitamin C. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is very unstable. It needs to be prepared and stored in such a way that by the time is reaches your face it is still active. When you test most commercially available lotions the vitamin C has already degraded.

Everyone’s skin is different and has different product requirements. It’s hard to know what to use unless your skin has been assessed correctly. I also recommend our once-weekly home bridal facial.

The products Carmen and I have specifically recommended for brides are designed for younger skin types who are prone to pimples, pigmentation but who want to get a gorgeous, even glow. In another post, I will discuss exactly which products I’ve chosen myself and why.

If there is one tip I can leave you with, ensure you are applying daily or twice daily SPF 50 and are using a night lotion with Vitamin A! Serums with added peptides are also a great addition.


If you have never had Botox or fillers before, this is a great time to try them. If you don’t like what you see it will probably fade by the wedding but we highly doubt you won’t love it! Bridal Botox and fillers is slightly different to that done for anti-aging purposes. Yes, there that is that extra benefit but it’s more for and beauty.

On the big day, there is a lot of face-scrunching laughter, snot en trane! Often caught on camera these moments don’t look so great in photos which is a pity because they’re often the most precious ones.

Botox around the eyes helps so that when the sun shines in them so they’re not closed and small but rather wide and open. It also helps to lift the brows a little on the side to really give that beautiful cat-eye appearance; we can get rid of an unwanted gummy smile without an expensive trip to the dentist; give skin that soft, beautiful glow where makeup doesn’t settle into creases and stop you from getting caught accidentally frowning at your new mother-in-law!

Botox takes 2 weeks to kick in and lasts 3 months. At this appointment we may also trial fillers for a little bit a softer, fuller pout or to achieve those defined cheek bones. You may then want to do a little top up closer to the Wedding date if necessary.

You will leave with a diarised plan of suggested skin treatments; Botox and/or fillers; and a bag full of individualized home skin care products!

See you soon for your next Bridal Doctor appointment where we’ll start working on glowy, gorgeous skin!