The Mommy Makeover – Getting your pre-pregnancy body back.

The Mommy Makeover – Getting your pre-pregnancy body back.

The Mommy Makeover – Getting your pre-pregnancy body back. Written by: Dr Nerina Wilkinson – MBChB (Stell), FCS Plast (SA)

August is Women’s month. This is an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements and the important role that women play in society. South Africa commemorates Women’s Day on 9th   August as a tribute to the more than 20 000 women who marched to the Union Building in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women.

This is, therefore, a time to celebrate the power that women have and the changes that they are able to make to improve the lives of all. For this reason, this month  I have decided to celebrate the women who have made their mark through motherhood. The joy of becoming a mother is something most women look forward to and cherish. I, however, see many of these mothers in my practice where their confidence has been diminished due to the toll that pregnancies and breast-feeding have taken on their bodies

I recently saw a lady who mentioned how these changes has affected not only her personal life but also her relationships with her husband and her children. She has attempted diets and exercise routines but no matter how hard she tries, she has been unable to improve the loose skin around her abdomen or the shape of her breasts.

To me, a “mommy makeover “ is possibly one of the most satisfying procedures I perform in my practice. By combining various surgical techniques, I can help my patients regain their pre-pregnancy body and, sometimes a better shape than what they had before their pregnancies.


The ideal patient is a mother who is not planning any further pregnancies and who wants to regain her pre-pregnancy body. If you were still planning more children, I would recommend that you delay your surgery, as a pregnancy would undo the favourable results achieved from a mommy makeover.


You may require one or multiple corrections to improve the after-effects of having a child, including:

  • Sagging breasts due to volume loss after breastfeeding
  • Expanded abdominal skin and separated tummy muscles
  • Unwanted fatty deposits around the thighs and love handle
  • Tired looking skin and eyes due to poor sleep
  • Stretched labia and vaginal tissues.


A Mommy Makeover includes a variety of procedures, namely:


You can, therefore, expect more perky, shapely breasts and a tighter tummy. Body sculpturing helps your clothes and swimwear fit better and your body and face will regain a more youthful appearance after undergoing a Mommy Makeover.

Without the nurturing touch of mothers across the country, life would be that little less caring – and a whole lot more difficult. Yes, to all mothers who spend their days nurturing children and feeding households, we salute your resilience.

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” – Sophia Loren.