Lauren Arries

Client Engagement

Lauren is our Client Engagement expert, she underpins the patient journey from start to finish, bringing a proactive approach to ensuring the excellence of patient care, also addressing and resolving any challenges patients may encounter with compassion and transparency. She is a bubbly cheerful person, and always welcomes our patients warmly.

Lauren is a qualified Aesthetic Therapist with 9 years of experience in the health and wellness industry. She graduated from CPUT with her Diploma in Somatology in 2012 and her Btech Somatology in 2013. She also gained her international in Cidesco Spa and Beauty qualification in 2012, winning various academic awards as the top student in her class. She has a deep passion and love for the Aesthetic industry, and always strives to do her best in all that she takes on.

Her goals are always orientated around supporting those around her in becoming the best versions of themselves and her diligent nature sees every task and project she is part of to be completed to the highest standards.