An intimate health condition refers to an intimate concern that affects the function or desired appearance of the female intimate area.

Women’s Wellness Conditions

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What is a Women’s Intimate Health Condition?

An intimate health condition refers to an intimate concern that affects the function or desired appearance of the female intimate area.

Undesired changes may be caused by ageing or childbirth, or a separate health condition affecting intimate wellness.

We work closely with our patients to help them achieve their desired outcome, whether it’s restoring the appearance or enhancing the function associated with an intimate area.

Learn more about different types of women’s wellness conditions that we cater for with bespoke women’s intimate wellness treatments. You can also contact us today to book your consultation.

We treat the following

Types of Women's Intimate Wellness Conditions

Dr. Nerina Wilkinson + Associates are experts in women’s wellness treatments, providing tailored treatment plans to cater to your individual needs and goals.

Our team specialises in addressing women’s intimate health concerns including pigmentation, aesthetic appearance, Vaginismus, reduced sensation and arousal, reduced lubrication, and loss of vaginal muscle tone.

With our expertise in intimate aesthetics and surgery and using advanced techniques, we help empower women by addressing intimate concerns that may be impacting their physical and/or emotional wellness.

Explore the types of conditions we treat and contact us to start your intimate wellness journey.


Intimate hyperpigmentation is a growing concern and one of the dermo-aesthetic treatments that generate the highest interest. To address intimate hyperpigmentation, we offer solutions to improve the appearance of pigmentation as well as manage intimate discoloration.


When overcome by extreme pain with penetration, women often fear having intercourse altogether. This condition, known as Vaginismus, can result in women totally withdrawing from any sexual contact. This can be treated with Muscle Relaxing Injections that work by relaxing these spastic vaginal muscles.

Aesthetic appearance

Many women lack intimate confidence due to an undesired aesthetic appearance of labia. For this, there are non-surgical solution available to improve the labia contours by increasing the size, enhancing the shape, and improving firmness.

Reduced sensation & arousal

Childbirth, menopause, and the natural ageing process can all affect sexual wellness. Loss of sensation and thinning of the vaginal mucosa can result in decreased sexual enjoyment and functional issues. The O-Shot and G-Shot are both popular treatments aimed at treating these concerns.

Vulvovaginal atrophy

Vulvovaginal atrophy (VVA) is a common and underreported condition associated with decreased estrogenization of the vaginal tissue. Symptoms include dryness, irritation, soreness, and dyspareunia with urinary frequency, urgency, and urge incontinence, all treatable with laser vaginal rejuvenation.

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Frequently asked questions about women's intimate health conditions

What are common women’s intimate health conditions?

Common women’s intimate health conditions include vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, reduced sexual satisfaction, vaginismus (painful sexual intercourse), changes in vaginal aesthetics due to ageing or childbirth, and low libido.

In order to effectively address these conditions, a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s overall health, lifestyle, and specific symptoms is conducted by our wellness specialists. This assessment considers genetic factors, lifestyle habits, and other key areas that may contribute to the development of these conditions.

What is the most common intimate health condition experienced by women?

Urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness are among the most common intimate health conditions experienced by women, particularly during and after menopause. These conditions can significantly impact a woman’s quality of life and self-esteem.

These conditions can be influenced by various factors, such as hormonal changes due to ageing, childbirth, and menopause, as well as certain lifestyle habits. We encourage women experiencing these symptoms to consult with one of our intimate wellness specialists for effective treatment options.

How to identify women’s wellness conditions:

Identifying women’s wellness conditions involves a careful examination of the symptoms reported by the patient, as well as an understanding of her medical history, lifestyle, and other relevant factors.

At our practice, we conduct a thorough consultation and, if necessary, additional examinations to understand the full extent of the condition. Advanced diagnostic tools and procedures may also be used to identify underlying causes and to help develop a tailored treatment plan.

What causes an intimate health condition in women?

Intimate health conditions in women can be caused by a variety of factors, including hormonal changes due to age or menopause, childbirth, certain medical conditions, genetic predispositions, and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and stress levels.

Understanding the cause of the intimate health condition is crucial to developing an effective treatment plan, and we recommend a consultation with a qualified intimate wellness specialist for a comprehensive evaluation.

How to diagnose women’s intimate health conditions:

Diagnosing women’s intimate health conditions requires a comprehensive approach that includes understanding the patient’s symptoms, medical history, lifestyle factors, and potential genetic influences.

Our intimate wellness specialists conduct a thorough consultation and use advanced diagnostic tools to provide the most accurate diagnosis. This enables us to develop a personalised treatment plan designed to address the root cause of the condition and alleviate symptoms.

How to treat women’s wellness conditions:

Treatment for women’s wellness conditions varies based on the specific condition and its underlying causes. Treatment options may include hormonal therapies, non-surgical procedures like the O-Shot or laser vaginal rejuvenation, lifestyle modifications, and in some cases, surgery.

At our practice, we take a tailored approach to each patient’s treatment plan, ensuring we address both the root causes and the symptoms of the condition. Our goal is to help each woman regain her confidence and improve her overall intimate wellness.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our intimate wellness specialists for expert advice and a personalized treatment plan.

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