Sexual contact is one of the most natural experiences that women can have. However, when overcome by extreme pain with penetration, they often fear to have intercourse with their loved ones.

Muscle Relaxing Injections Vaginismus

Sexual contact is one of the most natural experiences that women can have. However, when overcome by extreme pain with penetration, they often fear having intercourse with their loved ones. This condition, known as Vaginismus, can result in women totally withdrawing from any sexual contact and eventually start developing relationship problems.

The cause of the pain often has no physical abnormality. However, the severe contraction of the vaginal muscles can be so strong that is prevents comfortable / any penetration. A virtuous cycle develops where this woman fears future painful penetration and therefore the muscles contract even more.

Muscle Relaxing Injections works by relaxing these spastic vaginal muscles. The injections are administered under local anaesthetic in 3 separate areas of the vaginal circumference. In Dr Nerina Wilkinson’s experience, she often finds that even though the effect of the injections only lasts for 4 months, only one treatment is usually required and has shown to be successful in 90 % of patients. Due to the relaxing effect of the Muscle Relaxing Injections on muscle spasms, penetration is more comfortable, resulting in the decrease of the fear of painful intercourse over a period of time and once the patients don’t fear penetration, the virtuous cycle of muscle contraction is broken.

If you suffer from painful sex which is negatively affecting your relationship, then a simple Muscle Relaxing Injection is possibly the answer to saving your intimate relationship.



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