our aesthetic courses for medical professionals are three exceptional experts: Dr Nerina Wilkinson, Dr Marisa Heyns, and Dr Tracey Garner. Their collective expertise defines the mission of our Future Aesthetics Training Academy.

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CPD accredited advanced aesthetic courses by experts

In the ever-evolving field of medical aesthetics, it’s imperative to pursue excellence.

Comprehensive ongoing training has become the cornerstone of success for medical aestheticians, enabling them to master the art and science of aesthetics with a unique and holistic approach.

Our mission is to empower medical professionals with advanced, personalised, and ethical aesthetics training led by our experts. Their dedication to innovation, research, and ethical care has shaped the essence of our practice and set us apart as a beacon of excellence in the field.

The experts behind our aesthetic training academy

At the heart of our aesthetic courses for medical professionals are three exceptional experts: Dr Nerina Wilkinson, Dr Marisa Heyns, and Dr Tracey Garner. Their collective expertise defines the mission of our Future Aesthetics Training Academy.

Together, we are committed to setting new standards for excellence, advancing the art of aesthetics, and creating a brighter future for patients and practitioners alike.

Dr Nerina Wilkinson

Dr Nerina Wilkinson has a special interest in facial and breast rejuvenation procedures, she combines over two decades of clinical experience with groundbreaking techniques. Founder of our aesthetic couture clinic, her practice emphasises natural-looking, bespoke results, harnessing innovative treatments like the Stemcell4DLift™ and EyeLight360™ techniques.

Dr Wilkinson, a revered speaker and trainer, empowers medical professionals with her knowledge, aiming for excellence in patient outcomes and aesthetic advancement.

Dr Marisa Heyns

Dr Marisa Heyns, a University of Cape Town graduate with a European master’s in Aesthetic Medicine from the University of Camerino in Italy, specialises in regenerative treatments that honour the body’s natural beauty. Her practice ranges from minimally invasive techniques like fillers and lasers to advanced regenerative therapies using stem cells and PRP.

Passionate about ethical, evidence-based care, Dr Heyns guides her patients toward graceful ageing, maintaining an active role in both clinical practice and academic research.

Dr Tracey Garner

Dr Tracey Garner has over 18 years of experience as an Aesthetic GP, enriched by extensive local and international training in facial aesthetics. She has also been a faculty member at the Allergen Medical Institute since 2013. Dr Garner employs advanced techniques such as ultrasound-assisted injections and is committed to providing holistic, individualised care.

Her commitment to ethical practice and continuous learning make her a trusted figure in aesthetic medicine.


Presented by: Dr Tracey Garner:
Duration: 2 days (1 & 2 June)
Price: R16 000

This Botulinum Toxin Masterclass is open to qualified doctors and dentists and will provide you with the essential basics and advanced complexities of Botulinum Toxin treatments.

There is no sponsorship or brand alignment; the focus is on the science and application of Botulinum toxin Type A in Aesthetic Medicine.

The aim is to offer you a clinically relevant and experience-based approach and to further equip and inspire you in your aesthetic training journey.

You can do either day as a standalone training or attend both days for a more comprehensive experience.

*Delegates attending day 2 must have completed a basic Botulinum Toxin course.


Spaces: 0 Left
Date & time:
1 June | 08:30 – 17:30
Cost: R13 650

  • Theory
  • Simulation Lab
  • Demo
  • Practical Injecting
  • 50 units of Toxin included.
  • Refreshments & lunch


Spaces: 3 Left
Date & time:
2 June | 08:30 – 12:30
Cost: R 3 350

  • Advanced Toxin Science and Injecting Techniques
  • Demo
  • Panel
  • Discussion
  • Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Apply for our expert-led courses in aesthetic medicine

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You may also contact us via training@futureaesthetics.co.za if you have any questions.

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Booking information and cancellation policy

Upon approval, you’ll receive an information pack with a detailed agenda to walk you through the training experience and payment details.

To book your spot, please apply using the form above and provide us with your details. We will then contact you with more information and our payment details.

Please note that our aesthetic training courses are for medical professionals only, and your attendance will only be secured once any fees have been settled.

We look forward to assisting you in advancing your aesthetic career at the Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates clinic.

*Cancellations: Please cancel 2 weeks in advance for a full refund. Unfortunately, no refunds will be processed within 2 weeks of the course’s starting date.

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Future Aesthetics Training Academy

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Frequently asked questions about the Future Aesthetics Training Academy

What is an advanced aesthetic medicine course?

Aesthetic courses or training programs are educational pathways that teach medical professionals the latest techniques in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. These courses cover a range of procedures designed to enhance physical appearance and are often grounded in both theory and practical application.

Enhance your skills as an aesthetic expert with our Future Aesthetics Training Academy. Apply for our courses to stay ahead in the evolving field of aesthetic medicine.

Why are advanced aesthetic courses for doctors important?

Advanced courses provide physicians with the latest techniques in the aesthetic medicine industry, ensuring they stay at the forefront of their field. This training is crucial for doctors to enhance their practice and client satisfaction.

Our Future Aesthetics Training Academy can help you elevate your career through expert-led courses and continuous professional growth. Learn more and apply today.

How do our aesthetic courses work?

Our courses are designed to deliver industry-leading professional development with hands-on practical sessions led by experts in aesthetic medicine. Medical professionals will learn the latest academic theory and techniques for widely practised and innovative emerging aesthetic treatments in a collaborative and immersive environment.

Please apply using the contact form above if you would like to participate in one of our courses.