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What is Intimate Wellness?

Intimate wellness is a term that encompasses a holistic view of the contributing factors that can lead to a satisfying sexual experience and/or improved intimate confidence for an individual.

For some, a satisfying sexual experience or intimate confidence does not come naturally, and some professional intervention (such as intimate wellness treatments) is requested to help them regain their sexual confidence. At our clinic, these treatments are aimed at improving vaginal laxity, tissue rejuvenation, enhancing sexual satisfaction, addressing concerns such as pigmentation or texture irregularities, and more.

Learn more about the different types of female intimate wellness conditions we treat and the types of women’s wellness and aesthetic treatments we provide. You can also contact us today to book your consultation.

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The Doctor & Team Behind our Women’s Wellness and Vaginal Aesthetic Procedures

In recent years, there have been revolutionary advances in cosmetic vaginal surgery techniques as well as non-surgical procedures to stimulate optimal sexual rejuvenation through genital tissue remodelling, resulting in improved function and aesthetics.

At Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates, our all-female team of doctors and nurses are ready to expertly guide you through your intimate wellness journey in our luxurious, friendly, and exclusive private plastic surgery & aesthetic practice in the prestigious V&A Waterfront, Cape Town.

Learn more about our consultation journey or explore our intimate wellness treatments and the conditions we treat. Contact us to book your appointment today.

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Intimate Wellness Treatments and Conditions

Explore the women’s intimate wellness conditions and concerns we help patients manage as well as the bespoke treatment plans we tailor to improve function or aesthetic appearance to help you achieve your optimal intimate confidence.

Women’s Wellness Conditions

Intimate concerns or conditions can affect desired aesthetics, function, and confidence, including Vaginismus, vulvovaginal atrophy, decreased sensation and lubrication, hyperpigmentation and more. Explore the intimate conditions we help women treat and book your consultation today.

Women’s Wellness Treatments

We provide bespoke plans for women’s wellness treatments that help improve aesthetics and functionality in intimate areas. These treatments include labia majora augmentation, O-Shot™, G-Shot, laser vaginal rejuvenation, depigmentation and more. Explore our intimate wellness treatments for women and book your consultation today.

Consultation Journey For Women’s Intimate Wellness

Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates are leading experts in the field of aesthetic medicine, developing innovative procedures and providing customised treatment plans to help patients achieve renewed confidence.

We believe in a holistic approach and our team of renowned experts has an innate understanding of our client’s needs and concerns. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of care and rejuvenation treatment plans suited to each client’s desired goals. 

Consultation and examination

A physical examination and assessment of your medical history, current medication and overall health will help us decide on the most suitable treatment for you. 

In our initial consultation, it’s important to discuss your expectations frankly and we will provide our expert opinion to help you make an informed decision. We will discuss the variables that may affect the treatments: such as your age, medical illnesses and social habits. We will also describe the treatments in detail, explaining their risks and limitations. 

If you choose to proceed, our team will provide you with documentation to help guide you through your treatment preparation and recovery.

Learn about the types of women’s wellness treatments, or contact us to start your intimate wellness journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Intimate Wellness

Who would benefit from women’s wellness treatments?

Many women choose intimate wellness treatments to feel more confident, to improve the aesthetic appearance of the external genitalia, or to improve and increase sexual sensation and vaginal function.

Natural childbirth and ageing can result in loss of vaginal tone. Over time, the vaginal wall, which contains collagen fibres, can stretch and lose tissue tone and elasticity. Loss of sensation, reduced oestrogen levels and lax tissues can result in leaking urine when sneezing or coughing.

Painful intercourse, itching or burning in the genital area can also occur as we age and a reduction in oestrogen levels can lead to a loss of vaginal lubrication. In these patients often, intimate wellness treatments can be life-changing by reducing the personal stress they experience with these symptoms

Learn about our intimate wellness treatments, and contact us to book a consultation.

Who are the best candidates for women's wellness treatments

Intimate wellness treatments can enhance the appearance of your genital area and uplift your self-confidence, but they may not match an unrealistic ideal, or cause other people to treat you differently. Before you decide to proceed, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them with one of our expert doctors.

The best candidates are healthy, emotionally stable women who are realistic about what the treatments can accomplish.

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Intimate Wellness Journey

At our exclusive private practice in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, our all-female team of doctors and nurses will help you navigate your intimate wellness journey from start to finish. We offer an unrivalled level of expertise and provide personalised rejuvenation treatment plans to enhance your aesthetic appearance and function. 

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