X Characterized by:
  • lack of lipids and sebaceous secretions
  • dehydration
Visible signs:
  • non-visible pores
  • Opaque, matt appearance
  • thin, dry skin
  • possible reddening areas, scaling, roughness and even itching
  • feeling of tightness
Susceptible to :
  • appearance of fine wrinkles
  • pigmentation usually sun damage – sun spots etc
  • vascularity
  • excess oiliness and a shiny T-zone
  • normal or even dry temple and cheeks
  • concept of oily-dry vs oily
  • Skin can be oily and dehydrated at the same time
Visible signs:
  • visible pores, with oiliness and blemishes in the T-zone
  • generalized excess of oil on the skin surface
Visible signs
  • open, visible pores
  • generalized shine
  • Blackheads and susceptibility to suffering from acne
  • feeling of heavy, suffocating skin
  • Pigmentation spots from previous spots
  • weak skin barrier susceptible to penetration of irritants and bacteria
  • tender to touch
  • Generally dry and dehydrated
  • Sensitive to products
Visible signs
  • transient localized erythema, dryness, flaking and/or rash
  • thin lines
  • dull appearance
  • rigidity
  • problems of microcirculation with visible fine blood vessels
  • problems with skin barrier
  • Common in Fairer skin types
  • transient to permanent redness or flushing
  • Spider veins (telangiectasias) on cheekbones and nostrils, nose, chin
  • breakouts of acne rosacea, in some cases
  • different types of pigmentation disorders characterized by different causes, and patterns of pigment:
  • Different types of Pigmentation
  • Melasma: symmetrical pattern ( mask like)of pigmentation ( forehead, cheeks, upper lip. Brought on my fluctuating hormones, chronic damage ( sun, heat devices)
  • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – pigmentation spots from inflammatory lesions such as acne. Also from heated devices ( laser, chemical peels )
  • Sunspots – due to chronic sun damage. Covering face, neck and décolletage
  • Freckles – genetically predetermined, worsen with chronic sun damage
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