Mesoestetic Age Element Brightening Complex Plus


4 weeks intensive antioxidant, revitalizing and brightening treatment.

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Concentrated solution with 15% Vitamin C that stimulates the skin’s protection against free radicals, delaying premature aging. Its improved formula includes active ingredients that promote epidermal renewal, revealing a revitalized and brighter skin.

Active Ingredients:

Trisaccharide, hyaluronic acid, 15% stabilized Vit C, [meso] Epigen system ™

How to use:

For 4 weeks. The Vitamin C is encapsulated in the protective cap to preserve its properties intact until use. Before applying, activate the Vitamin C by following these two steps:

1. Remove the safety cap and replace it with the one containing the pure Vitamin C capsule.

2. Press the bottle cap all the way. This will release the Vitamin C.  Shake vigorously for 1-2 minutes and let stand for 2 minutes before placing the cap back on.

After the 2 minutes, you can apply it at night on clean, dry skin. Spread evenly across the face using gentle massages until fully absorbed. Each bottle is designed for 7 days of treatment. To keep the skin in optimal condition, we recommend repeating the treatment every 4 months.