Natalie Berger

Senior Client Engagement

Natalie is our Skin Clinic Front Desk Client Engagement Specialist and deals with all the administrative duties. In 2009 she completed her National Diploma in Somatology at CUT in Bloemfontein and also holds a Diploma in Cosmetic Science.

For the past 12 years Natalie has gained experience as a Skin Care Therapist, Professional Skincare and Product Trainer for world renowned brands as well as an Operational Manager of top Skin Care establishments in Cape Town.

Natalie is as task orientated as she is people orientated and effectively uses her multitasking skills to continuously provide a smooth and calm flow at Front of House. From day 1 she has taken initiative in every situation and uses knowledge of the industry and her passion for working with people to create a welcoming, relaxing and professional atmosphere for all to enjoy, co-workers and clients.