Using her detailed knowledge and surgical experience of facial anatomy, she has researched and pioneered the natural, non-invasive and effective N-LIFT TM


Dr Nerina Wilkinson is renowned as one of Cape Towns leading facial rejuvenation experts. Using her detailed knowledge and surgical experience of facial anatomy, she has researched and pioneered the natural, non-invasive and effective N-LIFT TM (Natural-Lift TM)

Makeup artists can transform faces using facial contouring and the power of light reflection, creating a flawless complexion. Similarly, the N-LIFTTM combines sophisticated Dermal Filler techniques to micro sculpt the proportions of the face to restore youth and refine the facial profile, allowing light to naturally bounce off a beautifully sculpted face,

At Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates we understand the importance of embracing the face as a whole. The goal is to achieve harmonious results using facial reshaping injectables and state of the art skin rejuvenating treatments.

No area of the face exists in isolation, all are connected and can often be corrected indirectly through facial reshaping. Treating areas in isolation leads to exaggerated and aesthetically unattractive features.

Dermal Fillers are no longer just about “restoring volume”, it is about restoring the ideal facial shape, structural support and facial definition. By understanding how all areas of the face are interconnected and how treating one area communicates with other facial areas, we can use less product and produce constant natural results.

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How does the Natural-Lift™ work?

During the N-LIFT TM we precisely place very small volumes of hyaluronic acid filler in multiple areas of the face to build deep structural support to shift the balance between the elevator and depressor muscles of the face.

Holistically the areas treated include:
* jawline tightening and definition
* defining and slimming the cheeks
* temple lifting
* chin augmentation
* midface reshaping

The overall stimulation of the lifting muscles of the face results in a holistic restoration of the ideal facial shape resulting in relaxation and natural rejuvenation of the face.




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About Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates

Dr Nerina Wilkinson combines her more than 2 decades of Cosmetic plastic surgery precision, in-depth understanding of anatomy, detailed understanding of aesthetic concepts and the newest innovations in technology to deliver a unique facial aesthetic couture experience.

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Known as facial rejuvenation experts with an artistic eye for detail, our team of Aesthetic couture doctors have pioneered industry changing lip treatments such as LipStrobing TM and our trademarked signature non surgical NaturalLyft TM

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