Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Written by skincare specialist Bernice


For the past few years everyone has been opting for the Kylie Jenner-like lips and we have constantly had to remind people to shift their gaze slightly higher, to the eyes, and forget about the lips (for now) and remember to smile with your eyes.


I am sure most of us can relate to the issues we often see in our own reflection when we look in the mirror, dark circles, puffiness, lines and wrinkles, dehydration, thinning skin, excess skin and droopy eyelids. Unfortunately, the cause of some of these might often be due to genetic contributions and bad lifestyle habits that cannot be changed easily like insomnia, lack of sleep, stress, bad eating habits, medication or a lack of certain vital vitamins and minerals in the body, or even a combination of the above.


Apart from genes and bad lifestyle routines, the biggest contributing factor to our peri-orbital concerns is sun damage, which most often takes place while driving.  We so often see comparisons from the left and right side of the face with significant differences as shown below in one of our recent VISIA Skin Analysis




Another important thing to keep in mind is that the eye area has far less sebaceous glands compared to the rest of your skin. Therefore, we can easily experience early signs of ageing and high levels of dehydration as we do not put enough effort into proper care for this delicate and extremely important part of our face. These symptoms often appear to look like wrinkles and simply balancing the hydration levels would ensure an improvement in the ‘wrinkled’ look.


With Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associate’s VISIA Skin Analysis we can differentiate these dehydration lines from actual wrinkles to therefore suggest the most relevant treatment options.


We strongly believe in maintaining your youthful skin quality, which we do with our holistic skin care approach. Our holistic approach covers all 3 expert areas aligned with keeping your skin youthful including cosmetic surgery, medical aesthetic and advanced skincare.


Here are some of our favourite bespoke skin treatments to help your eyes sparkle a little brighter:


  1. Peri-Ocular Peel with Skin Needling – this treatment is the perfect combination of give and take as we gently exfoliate the skin with an effective antiaging peel and follow it with skin needling to stimulate new collagen, promote skin tightening and also penetrate the customised active ingredients we choose for your delicate eye area.


  1. 3D MD PRP – even though this treatment is suggested for the face & neck, it is one of the best ways to naturally uplift the eye area. It is a combination of 3 modalities to stimulate your body’s own natural rejuvenating functions. These include Mesotherapy injections with PRP, skin needling and a customised mask to further stimulate cellular renewal. We always include Hyaluronic Acid as an active ingredient as this is the best ingredient for hydrating the skin and ensuring the water is locked in.


  1. I-Peel-L  again this treatment offers overall improvement of skin tone and tightening, but when you are not able to undergo surgical or medical aesthetic options for lines and wrinkles, this combination offers great tightening for upper and lower eyelids.


We must always remember the 4 pillars when looking at skincare: 25% genes; 25% lifestyle; 25% homecare and the final 25% is what we can for you with in-clinic treatments.  It is also very important to compliment your in-clinic treatments with the correct eye care treatment at home on a daily basis. With this said, here are some of our all-time home care eye treatment favourites for daily eye care (categorised):


For early signs of ageing for ages 25 – 40:


  • My personal favourite is the Mesoestetic Energy C Eye Contour  – this is a beautiful eye treatment for younger patients offering preventative care, brightening and hydration with its light, silky smooth texture.


  • NeoStrata Bionic Eye Cream Plus – contains Poly Hydroxy Acids which also aids as an antioxidant to protect the eye area from harmful external factors, it increases cellular renewal and has a brightening effect.


For puffiness:


  • Matriskin Nopad Peri-Orbital Cream – is a potent eye treatment for severe puffiness and fatty deposits. This eye cream, however, has specific instructions and should be followed carefully.



For dark circles:


  • Mesoestetic Collagen 360 Eye Contour – a potent anti-aging eye cream that stimulates the regeneration of healthy collagen which firms and tightens the skin, dramatically reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Interferential pigments help to reduce and conceal dark circles leading to a more youthful appearance.



Peri-orbital anti-ageing specialists:


  • Mesoestetic DNA Eye Contour – An all in one anti-ageing eye cream, with a three-fold effect to target wrinkles, under-eye bags and dark circles. The exclusive meso-recovery complex revitalises, drains, providing a long-lasting lifting, tightening effect and visibly reduces deep wrinkles.



  • ZO Intense Eye Cream  – Targeted retinol eye treatment to visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines while improving overall complexion and skin texture. Optical diffusers also reduce look of dark circles and puffiness.


Some of us do prefer the old-fashioned cucumbers, but if you would like to treat yourself to world class peri-orbital care, be sure to also look into the QMS Advanced Collagen Eye Lift  and remember, these eyes were made for talking ????