Where do I go? – Post Surgery Accommodation

Where do I go? – Post Surgery Accommodation

Immediately on being discharged from the hospital or clinic, you’ll need to be placed in an environment that is comfortable, with staff who are equipped to deal with all of your postoperative needs.

Choosing the right accommodation for the days following your surgery is vital. You’re far away from home and it’s normal for you to feel somewhat vulnerable at this time. This is why I work closely with several expert post-operative care facilities that I know are more than capable of providing you with the best care, these institutions are:

1. Surgical Bliss – This is a facilitation company that I work closely with. They’ll organise the logistics of your surgery in Cape Town, such as booking of your consultations and surgery, accommodation that suits your needs and budget, postoperative nursing requirements, moral support from your dedicated consultant as well as all transfers to and from the airport and clinic. Surgical Bliss also provides you with everything you need to know about Cape Town. You can contact Surgical Bliss at denise@surgicalbliss.com for a quote, or go to their website for more information about their services and accommodation options.

2. Body Wellness Escapes – The mission of this facility is to provide guests with the most comfortable, stress-free experience both in plastic surgery recovery and body wellness. Their vision is to create a serene environment where guests receive the best service and care pre and post-recovery. Through their partnerships with top medical professionals and their team of specialists, Body Wellness Escapes guests will feel pampered during the recovery phase so they can leave feeling healthy and luminous. From their patient coordinator to the capable nursing staff they’ll prepare you for surgery and make sure that every detail is covered to make this experience an easy and relaxing journey for any patient whether you stay locally, nationally or internationally. Contact Body Wellness Escapes at info@bodywellness.co.za or, visit their website for more information.

Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates has partnered with Book Cape Town to bring you a wide selection of the finest accommodation establishments, some of which are within walking distance from our surgeries.