Platelet rich plasma treatments – so many ways to enjoy its benefits!

Platelet rich plasma treatments – so many ways to enjoy its benefits!

For those of you who are already part of the Nerina Wilkinson aesthetic couture family, you are probably well aware of our love and passion to practice regenerative aesthetics. The cornerstone of this alternative approach to a rejuvenated and healthy-looking skin is based on the belief that our bodies have this amazing innate ability to regenerate itself. However, as time goes by, coupled with the external damages we allow this beautiful organ, our skin starts to lose the ability to look after itself. This where we, your trusted partner in skin rejuvenation, come to your skin ageing rescue with a simple aim: let’s optimise the skin’s regenerative functioning to its best ability. Best of all the solution lies within your own little platelet cells: magical fertilizer like active ingredients called Growth Factors -the unsung heroes that form the basis of our ability to heal and regenerate.

How does Platelet Rich Plasma deliver its magic?

Platelet Rich Plasma act like little ambulances that travel in your blood all around your body. If for any reason there is a break in the vessel wall as a result of injury, the platelets rush to the accident scene and upon arrival release a variety of lifesaving ingredients including a variety of growth factors that will be responsible for initiating a wound healing response, i.e repair what has been damaged. When it comes to the skin and other soft tissue organs – these growth factors communicate with fibroblasts (these are like the construction cells responsible for making collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to rebuild what has been broken down. This construction process is an ongoing one, even in the absence of major trauma. Nothing in the body is permanent – cells are being made and broken down continuously. However, if the body is faced with an increase in stress and damage leading to break down, the fibroblasts may start to struggle to keep up the pace to rebuild tissue.

So does this mean we have to drive our cells into the proverbial wall each time we need to activate this magical healing process? Luckily the answer is no. What has been shown is that when we introduce growth factor laded platelets to the skin or soft tissue in the absence of trauma – we don’t only repair what is continuously being broken down, we also upregulate the regeneration phase. And if we do this continuously – we tip the balance of tissue build-up and breakdown into a positive building state. This means that your skin is now functioning at an optimal rate – making the best collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid it can possibly make.

This knowledge and power of growth factors and platelet rejuvenation treatments have been around for decades. Orthopaedic surgeons injecting it into painful joints, Dentists using it in gum tissue rejuvenation. Gynaecologists are using it to build uterine walls. So where do we use it in our practice at Nerina Wilkinson Aesthetics Couture?

Skin rejuvenation:

Anyone who is ageing and experiencing day to day damages from the external environment ( pollution, sun damage, smoking) That means all of us from about the age of 30.

What can you expect:

A better functioning skin is always a better-looking skin. The skin barrier improves dramatically, leaving it hydrated with a more even-toned and textured skin surface. Pigmentation also improves,

understanding that the process of hyperpigmentation is driven by damage to the skin. The blood supply and therefore nutrient and oxygen delivery to the skin also improves, leaving you with a healthy glowing skin appearance.

What not to expect:

Let’s be honest ladies – you are not going to walk out with a facelift result! That takes a lot more effort than just telling the skin to shape up and shine.

Platelet Rich Plasma is magic – but it only treats your skin.

Sagging tissue, jowls, lines around the mouth and eyes is not just a skin issue. Unfortunately, it is due to a shrinking skull, fat pad atrophy and droopy muscles.

Acne scars and stretch marks

Acne scars and stretch marks also show a very good improvement in their appearance, although once you have a scar – it will remain, but we will do our utmost best to make it look less apparent.

Hair rejuvenation

Hair loss is a concern not only for men but for countless women too. We cannot always stop the cause of hair loss, however, with the use of PRP treatments, we can optimise the functioning of the hair follicle responsible for making healthy strong shiny hair. The trick is to optimise the hair follicle before it dies, and so prevention is key, as hair loss cannot be cured unless you opt for a transplant, in which case you will still need PRP to optimise that transplanted hair follicles.

What can you expect:

At first, you will notice less hair fall within the first 3-6 months. Then you start seeing improved hair growth in the areas where it was thinning, leaving you with a healthier fuller looking head of hair.

What not to expect:

If you were blessed with a multitude of thin baby hairs that seem to grow at a snail’s pace and never seem to reach your shoulder tips, forget about achieving Rapunzel status hair with PRP. Hair length depends on a genetically driven hair growth cycle that lasts between 2-6 years. And unfortunately, as we age that growth cycles start to shrink.

Intimate rejuvenation

More sensation, lubrication and healthy tissue. What more do we want? I am always amazed by the feedback of clients. This treatment is aimed at makes us feel more confident in our most intimate moments and allow ourselves to enjoy the pleasure of an orgasm. The other benefits of the so-called O-shot is the improvement in colour and thickness of the labial tissue. It can also improve stress incontinence, especially in those of you who have suffered from difficult vaginal births.

What not to expect:

A sudden surge of pleasure hormones, or a transformational difference in the appearance of your intimates. Platelet Rich Plasma rejuvenation will restore structure and function, not give you what you have never had.

Alternative Growth hormone treatments

For those who cannot make the best platelets due to older age or auto-immune functions or chronic disease, we do offer growth factor treatments with growth factors derived from other sources to activate the same process as described above. However, in my experience, I still believe through the results I have seen that your own pot of platelet gold is still the best choice to achieve optimal results.

So in conclusion – whether you use Platelet Rich Plasma in your face, your scalp, your joints or any other place in your body – you have been given a magic tincture hidden away in your own body, ready and waiting to activate a more youthful and rejuvenated you.