Preparing for your Surgery

Preparing for your Surgery

I would urge you to read through these recommendations when planning your surgery and travel arrangements. Should you have any specific queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


1. Your Itinerary – take note of the following:

You should plan to arrive in Cape Town at least 2 days prior to your intended surgery. To facilitate adequate recuperation and a comfortable return journey we recommend you remain in Cape Town between 1-3 weeks after surgery (see below). Suggested duration of stay: This should be confirmed prior to making your flight reservations Eyelids and liposuction: 7-10 days
Breast Surgery: 10-14 days
Facelift: 2 weeks
Abdominoplasty: 2-3 weeks


Ensure you have informed me of
1) Medical problems (consult GP or specialist if indicate)
2) Allergies
3) Medications/ supplements/ homeopathic treatments

1) Medications at least 2 weeks before surgery
Anti-inflammatories (Voltaren, brufen, Vioxx, Norflex)
-asprin/ Asprin – containing medication (common in cold & flu medication)
-Homoeopathic, herbal remedies (arnica, garlic, wine, omega 3)

2 )Smoking – Please note that some procedures (e.g. facelift, abdominoplasty, breast reduction) may not be performed at all in smokers. In these cases a month
abstinence prior to and after surgery is mandatory.

Informed Consent
At your pre-operative consultation ensure that all your questions are answered and that you are confident that you understand your procedure, the risks and the likely
postoperative course. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be.

You should be clear on the outcome, duration of recovery, side effects and risks. If not ask!

Ensure that you have prepared your home and your family to ease your first few days of recovery ie. Food, transport, entertainment. REMEMBER: I do have a more
structured postoperative care plan (accommodation, transfers, nursing, supervision, postoperative treatments) Natural Lift. You would need to make arrangements with our highly trained postoperative care team prior to surgery. (See post-operative care facility)

After any sedation procedure you may not drive for 24 hrs – please arrange transfers to and from the Rensur Clinic.
Make sure of your admission time.
If you are having procedures under General Anaesthetic or deep intravenous sedation, you may not have anything to eat or drink for 6-8hrs prior to surgery.
Take a shower – use medicated soap or betadine wash.
Avoid make-up.