Busting Micro-needling Myths

Busting Micro-needling Myths

Busting Micro-needling Myths – Written By: Skincare Specialist Kim Van Zyl

Its been the talk of the town in the skin care industry, and almost every clinic has jumped on the band wagon. But as we all know things change and improve as quickly as the seasons change in Cape Town and I am sure if you are reading this blog you’ve experienced this treatment or are thinking about having it done.

Micro-needling is one of the hottest treatments in skin care right now, and for good reason. This minimally invasive procedure delivers tiny needles vertically into the skin creating channels which with minimal epidermal damage to the skin. This results in small unnoticeable injuries to the skin which stimulates a wound healing response resulting in the breakdown of old fibrous collagen and stimulation of new collagen and elastin.

When I discuss micro-needling as an option with our clients, I am so amazed at the different questions that come up and therefore thought it its time that we bust some Micro-needling Myths!

Micro-Needling Myth #1: Micro-needling Hurts!

When we explain the micro-needling procedure to our clients, the first questions is always, “Does it hurt?”

Seeing that we are creating thousands of tiny needle punctures in the skin, our patients automatically think it must be painful and we have found that this is the most common reason clients hold off on receiving this amazing treatment, so it is a logical question to ask.

Prior to the micro-needling treatment, however, we apply a medical topical numbing cream and let the patient relax for 30- 45 minutes while the numbing cream takes effect. When the micro-needling commences, the patient feels little to no sensation at all! In fact, patients are often surprised by how painless the procedure actually is and tell us they wish they had it done sooner.

Micro-Needling  Myth #2: There is too much downtime!

Very few patients have the luxury of taking time out of their busy lives to recover from a procedure. Micro-needling is therefore ideal for patients who want an effective collagen induction and resurfacing treatment as there is minimal down-time involved.

However, smoother, tighter skin does not come without a healing period! While every patient heals differently, typically we see about 2 days of moderate redness, equivalent to a sunburn, during which time we recommend that the patient “lays low” while the healing process takes place.

Then skin starts looking more vibrant almost immediately. Usually by the time the patient returns for their second treatment (4-6 weeks later), we can already see visible results from their first micro-needling session!

Micro-Needling Myth #3: Micro-needling is not safe!

One of the biggest appeals of Micro-needling is that it is super effective for safe skin resurfacing. Some of the more ablative resurfacing treatments completely remove the top layer of skin and can take more than 2 weeks to heal, which means an increased risk of scarring, infection, and permanent discoloration. Plus, many lasers are not as effective as micro-needling is on darker skin tones.

Micro-needling can be performed safely on light or dark skin after a full in-depth consultation has been done and a decision with regards to the best approach to this treatment has been made. The tiny punctures created during a micro-needling treatment also close very quickly, which means there is much less of a risk for complications than more invasive treatments. You should, however, always discuss potential side effects with your Skincare Specialist prior to treatment to ensure your expectations are met.

Micro-Needling Myth #4: My home-roller works just as well!

Many patients who visit Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates have seen or even purchased “at home” micro-needling devices or dermal rollers. These devices promise the same great results as the in-clinic treatment, at a fraction of the cost.

The claims sound promising, but unfortunately the devices sold for at home use don’t measure up to a professional in-clinic micro-needling treatment. Roller devices for home use have a very short needle, which is why they are virtually painless and do not require any numbing cream. This also means that they are not penetrating the skin deep enough to produce new collagen and elastin, and therefore won’t tighten the skin, reduce fine lines, or improve the appearance of scars. The “at home” rollers will however assist with product penetration, so for this purpose it gets a thumbs up from us.

Micro-Needling Myth #5: The deeper you go, the better your results!

When micro-needling first came into the skincare industry it was always one of the aims to try and get your client to a deeper depth with each treatment, but things have changed as we learn more about needling and we get wiser by the day, wink wink.

It is extremely important that the depth of your micro-needling is determined by your skin concern. With certain concerns (like pigmentation) deep needling is not advisable as the inflammation levels in your skin might increase pigmentation.

But for deep lines and wrinkles (around the mouth for example) deep micro-needling is very effective in increasing deeper stimulation of collagen and elastin.

Micro-Needling Myth #6: All micro-needling treatments are the same!

As you know, at Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates we love to pioneer signature treatments combining various approaches and protocols into one treatment to maximise results. Our micro-needling treatment is no different. Our Skincare experts use world class micro-needling equipment and products in our 3D Medical Skin Needling treatment which includes micro-needling with the diffusion of a carefully selected medical grade active, followed by a Dual Electro Sonic mask to increase hydration and healing – the ultimate micro-needling experience!