Stem cells are nature’s way of causing internal repair of tissue, when these cells divide, each new one that’s created can serve a variety of functions. They can either remain stem cells or serve a more specialised function such as brain, red blood, or muscles cells.

Stem Cell Facelift

Stem cells are nature’s way of causing internal repair of tissue, when these cells divide, each new one that’s created can serve a variety of functions. They can either remain stem cells or serve a more specialised function such as the brain, red blood, or muscle cells.

Dr Nerina Wilkinson uses this incredible material in a facial treatment known as a stem cell facelift that doesn’t involve surgery or incisions of any kind, making it very popular with patients who have had facelifts but don’t want to go under the knife again.

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Who Would Benefit From A Stem Cell Facelift?

If you’ve started to notice signs of maturity on your face such as wrinkles and sagging skin, but you’re unwilling to undergo a full-scale facelift, you’re an ideal candidate. Additionally, Dr Nerina Wilkinson will deem you suitable for this treatment if your expectations are realistic and if you’re in good health physically and mentally.

What To Expect From A Stem Cell Facelift?

As stem cells are used to develop new cells in targeted areas, the results are noticeable in a firmer and more youthful appearance of the face. The skin becomes tauter and plumper which improves the overall aesthetic of your visage. In terms of your emotional well-being, patients who’ve undergone this treatment in the past have reported positively about the rejuvenated elasticity in their skin, which in turn has boosted their self-confidence.

Are there any risks involved?

The best thing about a stem cell facial treatment is that it’s completely natural and non-surgical, making the risk factor low. And, because the stem cells used to perform this treatment are harvested from your own body, it’s completely natural, and there’s very little chance of your body rejecting it.

Dr Nerina Wilkinson also discusses any and all risks associated with this treatment during your consultation, for you to make an informed decision.



Dr Nerina Wilkinson examines the skin of your face and the underlying tissue to ensure you’re a viable candidate and assess where where she will be harvesting the stem cells from.

It’s imperative, to be honest about your medical history, medication you’re taking and your expectations. If she feels that your hopes are not in line with what you can be granted by the treatment, another procedure that’s more suitable might be recommended.

Once your examination is complete and you’ve had all of your concerns addressed, you can book your procedure.

The procedure itself is simple and doesn’t involve any intravenous anaesthetic. Instead, a local anaesthetic is used in conjunction with oral sedation.

The process involves two steps:

1. Harvesting – Stem cells are carefully removed from the subcutaneous fat of the abdomen. Then, the fat is processed to be drained of excess oil and blood.
2. Injecting – Growth factor is added to the fat and stem cells, which is then injected into the patient’s face to complete the stem cell facial treatment.

Depending on your current age and desired results, the amount of time it takes for you to recover will vary. On average, you can expect to fully recover within seven to 10 days after the stem cell facelift treatment.

Dr Nerina Wilkinson has over 20 years of experience in the field of plastic surgery, and fully understand her patients, their needs and their emotions leading up to surgical / aesthetic procedures, which allows her to provide world class advice and care. Additionally, her staff are exceedingly well trained and experienced and equipped to provide you with incredible pre and post-operative care.

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