New Year Skin Resolutions

New Year Skin Resolutions

New Year Skin Resolutions Written By Dr Marisa Heyns MBChB (UCT), MSc Aesthetic Medicine and Therapeutics.

We are full steam ahead into the new year and almost ready to tick off the first month of 2019! And to most of us, 2019 seems to be a year of reflection.  With the 10-year photo challenge, we see thousands of 2009/2019 comparison photos flooding social media platforms. How do we compare to our 10 year younger self?  We find ourselves staring in the mirror and wondering where did the last 10 years go, and more importantly how did we age so quickly?

Fortunately, due to the advance in anti-ageing treatments and technology, it is now possible to turn back the clock to 2009! But where do you start and what treatments do you need?  Here at Dr Nerina Wilkinson SKIN, we strive to make your life a little easier by making those new skin year resolutions, not just a pipe dream, but a reality.

We focus on providing our clients with a comprehensive holistic approach to their skin concerns and needs by using state of the art technology and backed up, scientifically proven treatments, methods and products to give you back that skin you once had, or always wanted.

So how do we do it? Excellent results always start with a well-thought-out plan.

We offer our clients a full skin consultation with one of our medical doctors and skin therapists, providing you with our combined expertise. This process entails the following:

  1. VISIA skin assessment: by using a VISIA skin analyser, we are able to look deep into the skin layers at various features of skin ageing. This includes current pigmentation as well as old UV damage, textural changes and location of large pores, sensitive areas indicative of skin damage, and those tell-tale lines and wrinkles due to collagen loss and dehydration. As you can see, a lot of information from just one photograph that will help us fine-tune your skin plan. The VISIA is even able to share with you your true calculated skin age – it could possibly be more than 10 years since 2009!
  2. NEXT MOTION: This novel camera system can take your photo from all sorts of angles to give you a true perspective of your facial features (unlike some of those insta-selfies) Unfortunately ladies, here you cannot hide or photoshop that double chin or those bags under the eyes. But sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. These true profiles will help us to better understand the structural changes that occur during your ageing process and therefore allows us to give you the best advice and offer the correct treatment to make you look your best!
  3. DOCTOR and THERAPIST CONSULT: Here we sit down with our clients and identify their concerns regarding their appearance, and what they would like to achieve at the end of their skin treatment journey. Goals may vary from improving hyperpigmentation to treating acne or just improving the overall appearance of your skin. Some clients may be interested in our advanced medical or surgical treatments to improve excess or sagging skin for a longer-lasting youthful result.  We explore various aspects of your skin’s well-being.  This includes your medical and surgical history to understand what possibly could contribute to your skin concerns. It even involves delving into your current cosmetic bag to see which products you are using, and which ones you are not (hint: sunscreen)  It really is a holistic assessment of your skin, that requires a holistic understanding of the factors involved in the ageing process of your skin. And only through this understanding,  can we give you a comprehensive treatment plan.

Our treatment plans cover everything that pertains to healthy functioning and great looking skin. Our clinic treatments may vary from chemical peels, muscle relaxing injectionsfillers to the more invasive options such as laser, radiofrequency and surgery. We also focus on home care maintenance regimes: those essential products we need on a daily basis to prepare, protect and optimise our skins.

At the end of the day our aim is to provide you with a solution that will not just make you look amazing, but also one that will make you feel beautiful and more confident within yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favour this year, new resolutions or not. Make that commitment to invest in yourself for a change. We are excited to start this amazing journey with you to a greater looking skin for 2019.