Profile Balancing with Injectables

Profile Balancing with Injectables

By Doctor Tracey Garner

The term ‘profile balancing’ or ‘profiloplasty’ has become increasingly popular with the growth of our presence on social media platforms and online meetings. We have never been as acutely aware of how we look up-close – especially from the side or oblique angle. Fortunately, dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin, are perfectly poised to help you achieve the ideal proportions for your unique features at any angle.

What is profile balancing?

Profile balancing with injectables is the art and science of using dermal fillers and Botulinum toxin to optimise the proportions of the individual face to achieve the ideal balance on the side profile. Any expert in facial profile balancing will tell you that a lot more than this goes into achieving the perfect look.

Instead of focusing on a single feature, the face is analysed as a whole, both in person and in photographs. Ideal scientific proportions, angles, and endpoints as well as individual facial features and concerns are used to craft a carefully considered plan that will achieve the ideal facial proportions, harmony, and function. In expert hands, profile balancing improves the side profile, but also optimises vertical proportions from the front and creates ideal curves of beauty at the oblique angle.

There is no exact formula for facial profiling and in my opinion, beauty is most often achieved by respecting the structure and design of the individual face.

Is profile balancing an art or a science?

Profile balancing is one of the most beautiful combinations of art and science. Ideal scientific facial proportions are taken into account while considering what needs to be reduced, enhanced, or balanced in order to reach the best version of your unique features.

A bespoke treatment plan should, however, be designed for every face. There is no perfect chin for every face, but rather a chin that will look perfect when the nose and projection of the lips of that unique face are considered. There is no specific lip that suits everyone, but rather the perfect shape and size that will showcase your unique design and proportions.

When profile balancing is done with injectables, the perfect harmony of your unique features should reveal the most attractive version of who you are.

Who can have profile balancing done?

Anyone who wants to achieve more harmony and balance in their face is a good candidate for profile balancing. In younger patients, a little bit of dermal filler and Botulinum toxin can go a long way to achieve the perfect results.

In older faces, some foundational support and skin tightening treatments may be necessary before the final elements of profile balancing can be achieved. In this case, a few visits may be necessary to first achieve a more lifted youthful look. Our signature Natural Lift (‘N-Lift’) with dermal fillers would be the ideal first step for older patients.

What is a Natural-Lift?

The Natural-Lift combines sophisticated techniques to microscuplt the proportions of the face to restore youth and refine the facial profile, allowing light to naturally reflect from the skin.

During the N-Lift we precisely place very small volumes of hyaluronic acid filler in multiple areas of the face to build deep structural support to shift the balance between the elevator and depressor muscles of the face. Holistically the areas treated include jawline tightening and definition, defining and slimming the cheeks, temple lifting, chin augmentation, and midface reshaping. The overall stimulation of the lifting muscles of the face results in a holistic restoration of the ideal facial shape resulting in relaxation and natural rejuvenation of the face.

How to get the best results from profile balancing treatments

We may also recommend skin science treatments (done at our new and improved SkinScience Clinic on-site) or other bio stimulators and neuromodulators to optimise skin health for a truly holistic facial rejuvenation result. The final tweaks to a perfectly balanced profile will be achieved over time. Committing to a qualified, experienced injector for the duration of this journey to rejuvenation and beautification time will almost certainly deliver the best results.

What can be treated to achieve profile balancing?

To improve the side profile, the nose may be straightened or the tip lifted, the lips can be gently projected and the chin balanced (projected, relaxed, or widened) in order to achieve the perfect harmony between these features. Botulinum toxin, as well as dermal fillers, may be used to slim the face and lift the brows and dermal fillers can be used to achieve more defined cheeks and more length in a round face. Long, skinny faces that have lost volume can be gently filled to achieve a healthier look with dermal fillers and droopy jowls can be lifted using dermal fillers and bio stimulators – the new dual-effect hybrid injectable from Allergan is ideal for this.

Are all filler treatments classified as profile balancing?

Balance is not achieved by treating facial features in isolation or to reach a current fashion ideal. Looking like your favourite celebrity may be your desire, but it may not be ideal for your face. Facial balancing entails a full-face approach by an expert medical injector to achieve facial harmony and enhance attractiveness. No single feature should stand out as a red-herring that you’ve had dermal filler injections. The result should always be a naturally balanced and harmoniously beautiful look.

How long is a profile balancing treatment?

Your facial balancing treatment will be planned in an initial detailed consultation and the procedure usually takes about 45 minutes. Careful planning and consideration deliver the best results, that is why we always start with an aesthetic couture consultation and then schedule the treatment at a later stage to ensure that there is enough time to discuss the facial profiling ideal and possibilities.

What is the downtime for profile balancing with injectables?

There is little to no downtime and it is usually possible to return to work straight after your procedure. You may have some swelling and bruising and will need to follow your aftercare instructions, but should be able to return to normal activities within a few hours.

How long do profile balancing results last?

The full results of your treatment may take up to 14 days to take full effect. After 6 weeks, we will see you for a follow-up appointment to assess your results and perfect the profile balancing if needed. The results will last for an average of 12 – 18 months, depending on the condition of your skin, the area treated, amount of product injected, injection technique, and lifestyle factors such as sun exposure and smoking.

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Written by Dr. Tracey Garner