Sensational Summer Skincare

Sensational Summer Skincare

Sensational Summer Skincare
by Senior Skin Care Specialist – Bernice Wolmarans

I don’t know about you, but I sure am ready for summer, sensational summer skincare, enjoying the great outdoors and feeling (a little more) free. This summer has felt further away than usual with a Covid-stricken winter requiring us to not only cover up with coats and scarves, but also with gloves and masks.

The positive?

One positive I noticed from lockdown (apart from experiencing personal growth and realising what is important in this ‘normality’ we all seek to regain), is that all the patients I have seen this past year are looking radiant with less sun damage than the year before. Coincidence? Staying indoors does have its perks!

The negative?

A negative however, was skin conditions arising from masks. Those (like myself) who still had to brave the outside world (unable to stay home mask-free) had to quickly get used to this new facial appendage. The unfortunate result of this for many was ‘maskne” or other friction related conditions.

But let’s stay positive and focus on the future, sensational summer skincare! When we start to plan holidays filled with cocktails, beach bats and book reading on the beach, we need to keep one extremely important thing in mind. The sun is only good for the soul (and vitamin D deficiency), NOT our skins!

(Not so boring) Summer Skincare

Summer skincare might sound like a boring topic to you, but with the skin being the largest organ on our bodies and the sun playing such a huge role in its health, it remains a topic of important focus. We all strive for makeup-free, flawless skin that radiates and reflects light in all the most beautiful ways, and in doing so we continuously invest in sensational skincare treatments. Even though you are on the right path doing so, I have a “secret” to share… the ultimate secret to achieving the skin of your dreams is to make lifestyle changes with your skin in mind.

This winter we’ve all worked so hard to enhance our skin tone, clear our complexions, prejuvenated our profiles and some even started aging backwards (the VISIA Skin Analysis never lies). The worst thing you can do this summer is to bask in the sun with your beautiful, ‘more exposed’ skin. In doing so you can “lose” everything you have worked so hard to achieve and possibly create even more damage to focus on next winter.

With that being said, I am not claiming that we need to stay indoors and turn into porcelain dolls; we live in the beautiful South Africa and have every right to enjoy the beauty it has to offer.  We should merely be sun-smart and it can be a win-win.

Sensational Summer Skincare Tips

  • Always be aware of the time of the day that you expose your skin to the sun and ALWAYS cover/sit with your face out of the sun, wear a hat if it isn’t possible and never go without your SPF. The most underrated tip ever.
  • If you know your lifestyle won’t allow it, rather focus on treatments like GFIT (Growth Factor Induction therapy – one of my ALL TIME favourite treatments) that will give you benefits on all levels without causing inflammation that will increase your sensitivity to the sun. The added GFIT bonus? This treatment has minimal to no downtime.
  • Another favorite is the signature Forma HydraLyft to tighten and intensely hydrate the often forgotten neck and lower face. You want your face and neck to look the same age and not resemble a turkey lower down and a teenager higher up.  This is also a great preventative treatment for younger patients.
  • To prepare your skin for climate changes, lots of time swimming in the sea or travelling, or just to get your glow on, I recommend plumping your skin with hyaluronic acid with a QMS facial treatment or a signature MesoGlow. This will enhance skin hydration and help prevent future dehydration.

Summer Vanity Bag Essentials

Here is what I always carry in my vanity, and you should consider it too:

  • A good cleanser. And yes, to clean your face morning and evening and in after swimming or other exercise.
  • SPF 30 or higher. Apply your SPF not only before sun exposure, but when indoors too! Don’t forget about those UVA rays… the A says it all… Aging. Those rays penetrate through anything and from as early as 6am. Be sure that your SPF is broad spectrum to cover all levels – UVA, UVB (the burning rays), High Visible Light and Infrared. Remember to re-apply every 2 hours especially when you galivant outside. This is the time to pack your Heliocare360 Airgel (to protect your skin from burning) and Heliocare 360 Oral Capsules (to protect your body’s DNA from harmful rays and free radicals).
  • Hyaluronic Acid (as in Mesoestetic’s HA Densimatrix) is a must-have in your toiletry bag. This powerful ingredient is like a sip of water to the skin, especially important in hot, dehydrating climates.

Summer Make-up Bag Must-haves

I have two favorites. The first is the Sunforgettable Total Protection Brush-on SPF. This product makes life SO easy when re-applying during the day with its all-powerful, all-mineral skin shield providing complete protection in one convenient, on-the-go application – alone or over makeup. My second favourite has to be the Total Protection Color Balm (with SPF 50). Available in a variety of gorgeous colours (bronze, blush and berry), your lips and cheeks will stay hydrated, protected and looking stunning for those summer selfies.

To end off: I would highly recommend rather leaving strong retinol/vitamin A and alpha hydroxy products (which cause photosensitivity) until sun exposure is again back to a minimum…

Einstein once said, “the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again, expecting different results”.  The same goes for skincare. So, let’s break the cycle and start incorporating some sensational summer skincare NOW – your future skin will thank you for it

It’s your time to shine!

Written by Senior Skincare Specialist – Bernice Wolmarans