The I-Peel-L Bespoke is here

The I-Peel-L Bespoke is here

THE I-PEEL-L BESPOKE IS HERE – Written By Skin Clinic Manager Penny Jenkinson

With 28 years in the medical and skin care industries, learning from the best plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Cape Town, I became an International Master Trainer in 2018 for Skin Tech Pharma Group (Spain), an industry leader in terms of medical grade chemical peels (superficial, medium depth and deep). After completing trials and developing a treatment protocol combining Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Skin Tech Easy TCA Pain Control Peel, the I-Peel-L Bespoke (as it is called at Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates) was born.

One would never have thought of combining a laser treatment with a chemical peel, but thanks to extended scientific research, the specific ingredients in and special features of Skin Tech’s Easy TCA Pain Control Peel, effective and world class combination therapy with dramatic results, after just one treatment, is possible.

Why opt for combination therapy IPL and Skin Tech Easy TCA Peel?

In our early 20’s, it is important to maintain a healthy skin by simply using active skin care products, a good sun block, and having gentle in-clinic treatments. As we age, our skin demands more attention and we need to combine a variety of treatment modalities to achieve optimum results. One can never just use one treatment type to address a variety of concerns. There is always a variety of treatment options available, but some may be better suited to you than others. It depends on the results you wish to achieve, how quickly you wish to achieve them and whether you can afford downtime. The quicker you wish to see results, the more drastic your treatment plan needs to be.

The main focus with the I-Peel-L Bespoke is to repair sun damage, even out the complexion, improve skin texture and stimulate collagen production. By doing this, we are going to create the perfect canvas for other procedures such as muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, skin tightening procedures and cosmetic surgery.

Now living in South Africa, we all suffer from severe sun damage on our face, neck, chest, hands and arms. Sun damaged skin will have sunspots (some may be smooth and others rough), dyschromia (mottled pigmentation), telangiectasia (broken blood vessels), uneven texture, enlarged pores, dull and sallow complexion, loss of tone, fine lines and wrinkles; it suddenly creeps up on us in our 40’s…  Under normal circumstances, you may need a course of 4 to 6 treatments to see a radical change in your skin.

However, by combining IPL (intense pulsed light) and Skin Tech Easy TCA Pain Control Peel in the I-Peel-L Bespoke, we can achieve quicker and more dramatic results after just one treatment.

How does the I-Peel-L work?

We start with Lumecca IPL(intense pulsed light). The heat that is produced by this light will constrict blood vessels, shatter overproduction of melanin (sun spots) and stimulate collagen (refining pores, softening lines and rejuvenating the skin). It is important that blood vessels disappear or become blurry. Sunspots and dyschromia will initially appear darker and your skin will feel warm, similar to that of a mild sunburn, thanks to the heat produced by IPL. These are all excellent clinical endpoints.

On achieving the desired reaction from IPL, we move on to apply the Skin Tech Easy TCA Pain Control Peel. While some peels are time dependent, this peel is layer dependent. We need to wait 2 minutes between each layer to observe its penetration. Ideally, we would like to see frosting clouds or even frosting on the skin, to know that we have reached the right layer. The deeper the skin concern, the deeper the peel needs to penetrate to have an effect.

What can we target with the I-Peel-L Bespoke treatment?

We can completely customise the I-Peel-L Bespoke to work deeper on certain areas (such as lines on the upper lip), but also more superficially on fragile areas. By applying the peel to the top eyelid, for example, we can tighten this very fine skin and create a beautiful youthful peri-orbital appearance. I am also constantly amazed at the incredible results that are achieved on the neck and hands. These two areas give away a women’s true age. We seldom apply our active skin care products and sun block to these forgotten areas and as they are always exposed to the sun, they age very fast. Driving from A to B daily is ongoing sun exposure! Have a look at your right hand or the right side of your neck, see how these areas appear older and darker than the left side?

By performing I-Peel L on the neck, we can achieve excellent skin tightening and evening of the complexion. While on the hands, we can target small and large sunspots, improve hydration, and thicken skin. The diversity and versatility of areas that can be treated and results achieved by this treatment, continue to astound me!

What to expect during the recovery phase after your IPL & Skin Tech Easy TCA Peel combination treatment?

We are creating a controlled wound in the aim of repairing the skin. This I-Peel-L Bespoke combination therapy is a step up from most non-invasive treatments and as such, your downtime or recovery period is going to be 10 to 14 days, depending on the area. The face, however, always heals much faster than your neck, chest, and hands.

Sun damaged areas will appear extremely dark initially, the skin will become dry, prune-like, and tight before it physically peels off. For those who know me well, you will know that I think this is beautiful. The bigger the wound healing crisis, the better the results.

Are you an ideal candidate for the IPL and Skin Tech Easy TCA Peel combination therapy?

The I-Peel-L Bespoke treatment is ideal for men and women with skin types I to III, who have severe sun damage or who would simply like a major collagen boost and non-invasive skin tightening.

Having invested in one’s skin and created a perfect canvas, its vital to maintain these results. It is not necessary to do “radical” treatments all the time. Other procedures such as superficial chemical peels, micro-needling, mesotherapy, etc are excellent options to extend the results achieved.

At Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates, we believe in creating bespoke aesthetic couture journeys for each client to enhance their natural beauty and therefore become their own most beautiful self.

Never be afraid to sparkle just a little bit more.

“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art”

– Eleanor Roosevelt