The Wonders of Morpheus8 Treatments

The Wonders of Morpheus8 Treatments

Written by Dr Marisa Heyns

I too often lose track of time… What on earth has happened to my face and neck!? Where is the Zoom filter that makes me look 10 years younger? When is it winter again so that I can cover my lower face and neck again?

One has to laugh at one’s inner dialogue sometimes…  What’s not to laugh at is the ageing process with sagging of skin around the face and neck that (unfortunately) waits for no one… However, we at Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates have an effective addition to our aesthetic scientific artillery: MORPHEU8 – the skin-tightening master.

What is Morpheus8?

Morpheus8 is a non-surgical procedure that utilises advanced technology to address a variety of skin issues. Morpheus8 combines the power of radio-frequency energy combined with depth micro-needling.

It is the only treatment that can mould fat under the skin to obtain optimal results. Contouring and refining the subdermal layers will enable a more detailed approach to sculpting the face naturally.

But let’s start at the beginning…

Why does my skin start to sag?

It is always important to understand why this unfortunate event between the cheeks and neckline takes place. As we age, the supportive structures to the face start to deteriorate. We actually lose bone mass, and so the skull actually shrinks, along with a widening of the bony eye sockets, and the jaw bones become more retracted. Muscle mass depreciates, and we lose the essential fat pads that make us look plump and youthful! The net result: the skin that cover these structures have no other place to go but down (due to gravity). And so, one day we wake up and notice a new anatomical addition to our jawline called a jowl, and we start seeing our Mother in the mirror with that familiar chicken neck!

How do I stop the ageing process?

The ageing process is like a steam train in motion. We cannot stop a physiologically inevitable process. However, we can do a lot to slow it down.

The aim of most skin tightening treatments is to induce collagen production within the skin. This can be done, either through creating micro-wounds in the skin such as with microneedling, or by heating the skin up to a desired temperature that then also causes contraction of the collagen fibres.

Morpheus8 combines these two approaches into a beautiful synergy of deep skin tightening and remodeling of the underlying tissue structures to bring you firmer, smoother, and more lifted skin.

How does Morpheus8 work?

The technology uses radiofrequency energy (heat) that is delivered via depth-adjustable microneedles, that can pass up to 4 mm deep into the skin to give you a deep collagen induction and effective skin tightening.  Compare this with ordinary microneedling where we can only get to about 1.5 – 2 mm into the skin, you will have to microneedle until you are blue in the face before you are going to results comparable with Morpheus8.

With the energy (heart) and depth adjustable options – you can treat the entire face and neck in one treatment, from the delicate tissue around the eye to the thicker skin around the jawline and neck. A further advantage is that we can penetrate those deep skin fat pockets (the unwanted ones) and transform flabby necks and jowls into Nefertiti-like firm, taught necks. Who does not want that?

What is the downtime for Morpheus8?

Considering the amount of heat and the depth of penetration, Moprheus8 treatment downtime is surprisingly short (only 3-5 days), with minimal superficial tissue destruction (no scabs, or open wounds). This is due to the specialized needle that is coated around its base which means that the radiofrequency energy that is passed through the needle, only escapes from its tip that penetrates the skin, allowing for a more concentrated energy delivery at the desired depth. In laymen’s terms – the magical tightening process happens within the skin, without any real damage to its surface. Wonderful news to those of us who need to look amazing at all times.

How many Morpheus8 treatments do I need?

A very common question, and quite honestly, a variable answer. It takes as long as it takes for your skin, along with your body’s ability to regenerate and restore itself, AND how quickly you breakdown collagen. Generally, clients will be offered 2-3 treatments depending on the initial improvement in skin tightening which is usually expected to be around 25-30%.

How long do Morpheus8 results last?

Results continue to improve for up to 3 months and will probably last around 1-2 years before you need another session or two. Bear in mind that we are ONLY talking about skin tightening here. If there has been considerable bone and supportive tissue loss – one needs to either add more volume with hyaluronic acid fillers or fat, or we need to look at alternatives as such as a surgical face and neck lift. So, the take-home message is to rather come in for a comprehensive consultation so that we can assess your personal status before building any expectations.

Our approach to Morpheus8

At Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates, we take Morpheus8 treatments one step further and always include the addition of PRP injections for optimal results.

Using radiofrequency microneedling combined with platelet-rich plasma, the Morpheus Enhance treatment speeds up cell turnover for deep skin rejuvenation. It also stimulates deep collagen production to tighten and smooth fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

It truly is the ultimate non-surgical skin tightening and rejuvenating experience!

The “new” buzzword for a reason

Morpheus8 is the new buzzword when it comes to addressing your skin tightening needs. It far surpasses the results of ordinary microneedling, or minimal invasive radiofrequency treatments. Clients can expect tighter and firmer skin around the jawline and neck but need to be realistic as to the extent of what skin tightening can provide. We therefore always recommend coming in to see one of our aesthetic doctors for a consultation to assist you in making the correct decision during your aesthetic journey with us.

Written by Dr Marisa Heyns