Eye rejuvenation treatment options for a youthful look

Eye rejuvenation treatment options for a youthful look

By Dr Marisa Heyns

Eyes are one of our best features. We use them to express a variety of emotions and communicate those subtle messages to others (sometimes even unknowingly). They are one of the key features associated with attractiveness and we rate them more important than any other facial feature when it comes to seeking a potential partner. Eyes are also one of the first things women notice when they start to age…

As early as in our 20’s we start to notice those dark circles and fine lines creeping in, followed by the ‘not so funny’ laugh lines also known as crow’s feet in our 30’s. And before we know it, we are approaching 40, and suddenly overnight, we have turned into an old and haggard version of our previously youthful selves. And to top it all, from all the years of squinting and frowning, we add ‘angry’ to the list of most unattractive eye features.

And so, it is of no surprise that eye treatments are one of the first things ladies focus on, to retain that youthful, rejuvenated look.

What happens to our eye area as we age?

To understand how aesthetic eye treatments can help and improve this dire state of eye-ageing, we need to appreciate the changes that occur around the eye area as we get older. 

What keeps our eyes looking open and refreshed has nothing to do with the eye itself, but more importantly the structures around it. The bony orbit (the bones that borders around the eye) plays a vital role in supporting the muscle and supporting fat pads that inevitably hold the skin in place preventing it from collapsing into the eye socket and leaving the eye looking large and open as opposed to small and droopy.

With age the bony orbit starts to enlarge due to natural bone volume loss. At the same time there is loss of supporting fat pads that keep the skin looking plump and tight. This sad sequence of events inevitably leads to that dark, droopy, hollow, or sunken ‘look’ that we all fear.

To make matters even worse are the changes in the skin. Deep expression lines are created by skin that continuously fold due to active muscles that allow us to blink (1200 times per daylight hour) or frown (many times a day dependant on mood) and they will not fade naturally, even with the best intended day or night cream. The delicate skin around our eyes also takes a hammering with age as it loses moisture, firmness and elasticity and is also prone to pigmentation.

So, what is a girl to do to fight this inevitable process? Here at Nerina Wilkinson + Associates we have a large bag of tricks and tools to help you on your anti-eye-ageing journey.

Neuromuscular blocking agents for eye rejuvenation

Botulinum Toxin has been around for ages and is probably one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate the eye area. Please remember that we are after subtle results here – a slight relaxation in the muscles that create those crows feet, will lead to the softening of the wrinkles, and at the same time prevent the eye from disappearing under a mass of wrinkles each time you smile. The aim here is to keep the eye looking open and refreshed, not dead or expressionless. Botox around the frown lines (those gutters between your eyes) will further aid in opening the eye and making you look and feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

Dermal filler treatments for eye rejuvenation

This is one of my favourite treatments and leaves the client with an instant rejuvenating result and it gets better over a period of 4 to 6 weeks! Hyaluronic acid fillers are probably one of the most misunderstood treatments. We are not aiming to fill lines or wrinkles and make you look pumped up to too many bars. We use dermal fillers to rebuild that bony foundation around the eye that we know is receding, and in the process, we provide the support to the fat pads and muscles, and skin to restore the orbit to a more youthful appearance. I am always fascinated to see the eyes open up almost instantly after a single treatment.

Skin boosters for eye rejuvenation

Do not underestimate the power of restoring the skin’s hydration and supportive network. The skin around the eye is extremely thin and therefore will show dehydration and dryness quite quickly. Whether we are using your own growth factors (PRP), or a combination of hyaluronic acid, peptides or amino acids, the aim is to hydrate, rejuvenate and plump the skin leaving it brighter, stronger, and healthier than before.

Surgical eye rejuvenation options

And then we come to those clients that need a little more help than a few Botox injections. Let us be honest, we are all going the same route. There is no point in trying a superficial treatment when you know the problem is a lot deeper. I am talking about those instances where there has been such a dramatic loss of volume in bone and fat around the eye, and we know that no amount of dermal filler will those hollows.

This is where Dr Nerina Wilkinson jumps in with her amazing 5 dimensional eye lift treatment, the EyeLight360 . In this procedure we address three key issues. Firstly, the restoration of the volume that has been lost around the orbit (under the eyes, the temples and forehead). Here we use the wonders of fat grafting (your own stem cell enriched fat cells) to fill the hollows and support and lift the skin. Secondly, we tighten and deeply stimulate the skin around the eyes with our trusty CO2 laser, which will leave the eye looking more open and refreshed with less wrinkles and a healthier glow. And lastly, we address the excess skin that cannot be lifted or tightened due to the amount of support loss. Here we perform a blepharoplasty (removing the unwanted skin) that literally take 10 years off your current gaze. Our results are truly phenomenal!

As you can see there are a few ways to bring back that youthful gaze. Each treatment has its unique place in fighting ageing. It is therefore important for us to understand where you are in your ageing process along with the expectations you might have, to decide which treatments will suit you best. Please feel free to book a consult with myself or Nerina to guide you on this exciting journey.

I leave you with the fitting words of the beautiful Audrey Hepburn:

“The  beauty  of a woman must be seen from in her  eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides”.

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