Focus on Focal Aesthetic Treatments

Focus on Focal Aesthetic Treatments

There is always that one feature we just cannot ignore as we pass the mirror each morning, especially in that horrid bathroom light that we all seem to have at home. That crepe wrinkled skin under my eyes, those unsightly jowls, and what is that? When did I inherit my mother’s turkey neck! No matter how hard we try, no amount of make-up or length of turtleneck jerseys seems to cover up those features we despise so much. Fortunately, there are a multitude of aesthetic treatments available today that promise amazing results. But they might all seem a bit, well, quite drastic especially if your concern is only confined to a small part of your face. This especially holds true when it comes to the consideration of downtime, recovery, and expense.

Our solution at Dr. Nerina Wilkinson + Associates is simple: Focal Aesthetic treatments.  Focus on just improving the area that concerns you most. Here we customize our full-face treatments to smaller areas of the face, neck or body to provide you with the best of both worlds of sorting out the area that bothers you the most whilst keeping your downtime to a minimum and fitting your pocket.

Here are some of our focal aesthetic treatments offered:

Eyelight360 Blepharoplasty

Our focus: those eyes. The Signature Eyelight360 treatment is indicated for droopy eyelids, crepe wrinkled skin around the eyes accompanied by a loss of volume leading to those dark sunken crypts that develop under our eyes. The aesthetic treatment comprises the removal of excess upper eyelid skin with a surgical blepharoplasty. This is followed by using CO2 laser to blast away any remaining unsightly wrinkles, by strengthening and tightening the periorbital skin. And finally, lipofilling, where we add the wonders of your own stem cell-enriched fat to refill those deep hollows around the eye whilst bringing new life to the skin through its powerful regenerating abilities. The end result – fresh youthful eyes in a fraction of the time that would have been spent to treat the whole face.

Focal Morpheus8

Instead of tightening the entire face and neck with the powerful ability of Morpheus8, we focus on smaller areas – such as malar bags ( those bags under the eyeline, that seem to fill with fluid and make you look like you have just woken up after a boxing match). Or what about those jowls and turkey neck? This is a great aesthetic treatment option to give you that last little bit of tightening and contouring around the chin and jawline. Sitting with a bit of excess (inherited) fat under the neckline? We can add a little bit of local liposuction in the mix to further flatten and tighten the skin to give you that desired nefritti neck you always dreamed about.  One can also only focus on the skin laxity in the neck if it is an area that has been neglected whilst you were only paying attention to the wrinkles in your face.

Less minimally invasive focal aesthetic treatments include:

Focal Forma: A simple add-in on your current skincare plan to focus on tightening jowls and jawlines.

Peri-ocular skin treatments: A combination of chemical peeling and microneedling that focusing on tightening and brightening the skin around the eyes.

Focal PRP – a quick, painless version of the 3D MD PRP treatment – to focus on plumping and rejuvenating skin around the eyes, nasolabial folds, and lips, and improving the appearance of scars.

Focal CO2 laser: to treat small areas of acne scarring.

Don’t forget about the wonder of Lumecca IPL to target those unsightly veins around the nose!

By now you have probably caught on. You can pretty much ‘focalize’ any treatment option to suit your needs.

The advantages of focal aesthetic treatments allow you to focus on specific areas with less downtime compared to full-face treatment. Focal treatments can also be combined with a more general full facial treatment as an add-on treatment.  Or it can simply be scheduled as a ‘top up’ after you have completed a full-face treatment. And whoever complained of treatments being a little more affordable?

So, there you have it. Focal treatments are an excellent option for correcting small areas on the face. Feel free to chat to one of our skilled therapists or doctors on which focal treatment will suit you best to give you the results you have always wanted.