Your skin is a remarkable organ, and it requires ongoing attention, both at home and professionally. The Pixel Peel has (not so recently) taken our world by storm and has become an extremely popular treatment for those who take professional skin care seriously…

As we age, we focus on the formation of lines and wrinkles, as well as loss of tone and elasticity in the skin – concerns we never had as young, carefree adults. As adults (and before you can say “Pixel!”), years of sun exposure starts to become evident. “If only I listened to my mother and adopted good skin care habits at younger age!”, we all say to ourselves at some point. It is however never too late… We cannot stop the ageing process, but we can certainly delay it and look fabulous forever! Starting with the revolutionary Pixel Peel….

The Pixel Peel technique is the brainchild of Dr Philippe De Prez, a Belgium genius of chemical peels and various other anti-aging modalities. By combining Dermapen 4 micro-needling and Skin Tech Easy TCA Peels, we can now target the deepest layers of skin, creating a tight and smooth appearance.

You see, the skin has a barrier called the stratum corneum. This barrier serves a vital role to protect your skin, but unfortunately it also prevents penetration of certain products that are required to stimulate collagen, to soften lines and wrinkles and repair sun damage.

Micro-needling perforates the stratum corneum, creating micro-channels in the epidermis and terminating into the superficial dermis. It enhances skin permeability immediately afterwards. Although we can apply active medical ampoules to target certain skin concerns, we can now also apply Skin Tech Easy TCA Peels to achieve even better tightening results! Combining these two treatment modalities results in stronger dermal stimulation compared to one induced by a single peel, with less epidermal chemical damage, giving an enhanced anti-ageing result.

The Pixel Peel technique can be used on the face (especially the upper lip) and neck, but also on the body for better skin quality and tension.

The main indications for this revolutionary procedure are “tired, dull” skin condition, loss of tone and diffused superficial wrinkles associated with sun damage/ photo-ageing and is ideal for men and women aged 45 to 65 years. The Pixel Peel can also be considered for pitted acne scarring, depending on the depth of the scar. (PS – we can never remove scars; we can only soften and improve the appearance).

So, you are wondering about the downtime post Pixel Peel…

Due to the treatment reaching the papillary (deep) dermis, you will have a few days of downtime. In other words – redness, swelling and slight peeling. So, plan a night out with your besties straight after. As with any medical aesthetic procedure, an improvement will be visible within a few weeks, but the best results will be seen over 6 months (so be patient!), as collagen production continues to improve.

With a Pixel Peel, you never have to be afraid to sparkle just a little bit more.