My Scientific Journey To Creating Signature Surgical Procedures

My Scientific Journey To Creating Signature Surgical Procedures

I love excellent food and therefore I have always been intrigued by the creations of some of the best chefs in the world. I have a collection of recipe books at home of many accomplished chefs. However to experience a “signature“ dish one needs to venture out to the source, to the chefs restaurant, to truly  appreciate their culinary skills. I am sure we can all remember the few “signature “ dishes that we have had the privilege to devour in our lives. This has inspired me to developed my very own signature surgical procedures.


What is a Signature Dish?

A signature dish is an exclusive creation that best embodies the cooking style of a chef and is the culmination of years of experience.  What matters is that it’s a high-quality dish that can be produced consistently and therefore patrons return for the experience for years.


So, what are Signature Surgical Procedures?

A procedure that entails a unique combination of surgical  treatments that have been specially designed through research to complement one another and deliver optimal results


Why have I created my Signature Surgical Procedures?

Similar to some of my favourite recipe books, surgical procedures are scientifically designed to deliver consistent results and are described in detail in numerous medical journals and textbooks.

As a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon, I have travelled the world, presented, and attended numerous conferences and worked alongside some of the finest plastic surgeons.  Over the last 20 years I have therefore collected my “pearls of wisdom” and used my detailed knowledge and surgical experience to develop my “signature dishes”, ensuring all the procedures I offer my patients are ground-breaking and conform to the highest medical standards.


What do Signature Surgical Procedures offer?

Signature surgical procedures offer an innovative alternative to traditional cosmetic surgeries. By combining various modalities and unique techniques into single procedures, a more holistic approach is taken towards facial rejuvenation, resulting in beautiful, natural results.


What Facial Signature Procedures can you sample?

A youthful face is a face with beautiful soft curves created by perfectly placed volume and a radiant skin. To therefore achieve a totally rejuvenating effect it is of utmost importance to correct both volume and skin quality. I see so many patients who have undergone a technically beautiful facelift, however if the volume and skin quality has not also been addressed, I believe we have failed these patients in delivering a refreshed, youthful result as they simply look as if they had a facelift. The Stemcell4DLift™ is therefore one of my top procedures in delivering a scar-less facelift that rejuvenates and regenerates the facial tissues, achieving the most natural results.”

Stemcell4DLift™ uses stem cell and laser technology which is part of a new and exciting frontier in the medical field. By harnessing the regenerative power of your body’s own stem cells, countless medical applications have been developed – from repairing injured tissue to curing diseases. Cosmetic procedures are no exception. One of the newest plastic surgical procedures is the “Stem Cell Facelift.”



I have a special interest in a holistic 3-dimensional approach to restoration of the eyes. The EYELight360TM  holistically rejuvenates and volumizes the peri-orbital area as a complete unit to create harmonious results. This is in contrast to previous surgical techniques that rely on a 1-dimensional approach of only removing sagging eyelid skin, which often left patients looking hollower and more skeletonised.

When your eyes stand out your whole face appears to be brighter and fresher. Accomplished Make-Up Artists are able to achieve a radiant look using specific techniques. Perfectly placed contouring make-up using highlighters and concealers can instantly open the look of your eyes, define your face and create symmetry, providing an instant eye lift.

Beauty is lights and shadows; to achieve the most natural rejuvenation of the eye, the EYELight360TM uses these principles and combines 4 surgical modalities to deliver a 360 degree approach to peri-orbital rejuvenation.


It is time for a Signature Surgical Experience; time to experience our Aesthetic Couture “menu”.