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QMS Medicosmetics Facials South Africa


QMS Medicosmetics Facials are a groundbreaking approach in the world of skincare that offer a unique blend of high-concentration active ingredients and advanced bioengineering.

These facials are specifically formulated to be safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, providing a safe and effective option for new mothers and moms-to-be.

What is a QMS Medicosmetics Facial?

The QMS Medicosmetics Facial is a celebrated anti-ageing treatment that revitalises skin health.

This facial addresses various skin concerns by targeting collagen production, skin rejuvenation, and pigmentation.

Using a powerful mix of active ingredients and bioengineering, it ensures deep penetration and enduring results.

Designed for immediate effect and a glowing complexion, this facial’s optimal outcomes emerge in 2–4 weeks, with collagen benefits peaking around 3 months post-treatment.

Unlike many other treatments, it’s also perfectly safe to undergo during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Learn more about our approach, how a QMS Medicosmetics Facial works, and contact us to book a consultation.

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Frequently asked questions about QMS Medicosmetics Facials

Our approach to QMS Medicosmetics Facials

At Dr. Nerina Wilkinson + Associates, we specialise in QMS Medicosmetics Facials, focusing on individualised care. Our process starts with a thorough computerised VISIA Skin Analysis, ensuring each treatment is perfectly suited to your unique skin type and concerns.

Utilising advanced bioengineering, medical tools, and potent active ingredients, our expert team delivers effective, safe treatments in a luxurious environment. QMS facials not only enhance immediate skin radiance but also contribute to long-term health and rejuvenation.

Who is the ideal candidate for a QMS Medicosmetics Facial?

A QMS Medicosmetics Facial is ideal for anyone looking to rejuvenate their skin and address ageing skin concerns. It’s especially suitable for those aiming to improve collagen production, skin texture, and pigmentation

The treatment can be applied to a wide range of skin types and is safe to undergo during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Before undergoing a QMS facial, a professional consultation is recommended to tailor the treatment to your specific skin needs and goals.

How does a QMS Medicosmetics Facial work?

A QMS Medicosmetics Facial begins with a personalised skin analysis to identify specific skin concerns and tailor the treatment to your individual needs. 

The facial combines a high concentration of active ingredients with advanced bioengineering techniques to produce collagen, rejuvenate the skin, and correct pigmentation. The process involves deep cleansing and the application of fruit acids, providing an immediate anti-ageing effect and a post-treatment glow.

The treatment’s effectiveness is further enhanced by the stimulation and maturation of new collagen in the skin, which continues for up to 90 days, ensuring the best results about 3 months post-treatment. 

This comprehensive approach to skincare not only delivers immediate improvements but also contributes to long-term skin health and radiance. 

Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, QMS Medicosmetics Facials are a preferred choice for those seeking a safe, effective, and luxurious skincare experience.

Which areas can be treated with a QMS Medicosmetics Facial?

QMS Medicosmetics Facials primarily target the face, focusing on rejuvenation, enhancing skin health, and anti-ageing effects. This specialised treatment effectively addresses a variety of skin concerns, promoting a radiant and youthful complexion.

What are the benefits of a QMS Medicosmetics Facial for your skin?

QMS Medicosmetics Facials use advanced techniques and high-quality ingredients to improve the skin’s appearance and well-being. 

Key advantages include:

  • Anti-ageing: Reduces visible signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles, for a more youthful complexion
  • Collagen production: Boosts collagen production, enhancing skin firmness and elasticity
  • Skin rejuvenation: Promotes skin cell renewal, leading to a fresher, more vibrant look
  • Pigmentation correction: Addresses uneven skin tone and pigmentation for a more balanced complexion
  • Hydration and radiance: Improves skin hydration, contributing to a healthy, radiant glow
  • Safe for sensitive periods: Specifically formulated to be safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding

How long does it take to see results after a QMS Medicosmetics Facial?

How soon after a QMS Medicosmetics Facial you can expect to see results will depend on your individual skin. Most clients experience an immediate post-treatment glow.

For full results, including enhanced skin texture and tone, improvements typically become noticeable within 2–4 weeks. Ongoing results are maintained through regular treatments.

How many QMS Medicosmetics Facials do you need to see results?

While many clients notice improvements after the first treatment, the total number of sessions they undergo will depend on their individual skin concerns and the severity of these concerns. 

A consultation with a Skincare Specialist is essential to create a personalised treatment plan, which includes the recommended number of facials needed for optimal results, based on the client’s unique skin condition and goals.

How often should I have a QMS Medicosmetics Facial?

For best results, it is typically recommended that you schedule QMS Medicosmetics Facials 4–6 weeks apart. Undergoing treatments on a regular basis optimises skin renewal and maintains improvements in texture, tone, and overall skin health. Consistent facials help sustain and enhance the benefits of the treatment, ensuring long-term skin rejuvenation and radiance.

How long does it take to perform a QMS Medicosmetics Facial?

A QMS Medicosmetics Facial typically takes approximately 60 minutes to complete to ensure maximum efficacy and skin rejuvenation.

What is the recovery time for a QMS Medicosmetics Facial?

Patients can typically return to their daily activities immediately after treatment. Any mild redness or sensitivity usually subsides quickly.

How much does a QMS Medicosmetics Facial cost?

The price of a QMS Medicosmetics Facial varies depending on the specific treatment and individual skincare needs. 

In South Africa, the cost generally starts at approximately R1,750 per session. This estimate includes the full facial treatment and may vary based on the clinic and location.

Are there alternatives to a QMS Medicosmetics Facial?

For those seeking alternatives to a QMS Medicosmetics Facial, various treatments are available, each tailored to specific skin concerns:

  • 3D Medical Skin Needling: Enhances skin rejuvenation and reduces ageing signs by stimulating collagen production through controlled micro-injuries 
  • FORMA™ HydraLyft: Merges chemical peel, hyaluronic acid, and radiofrequency to improve skin texture and minimise fine lines
  • Mesotherapy/Skin Boosters: Minimally invasive treatments that deliver active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamins directly into the skin, rejuvenating and nourishing for improved texture and a youthful appearance
  • GFIT (Growth Factor Induction Therapy): Uses growth factors to stimulate cell turnover, enhancing skin texture and tone

Consultation with a Skincare Specialist is recommended for a personalised assessment and treatment plan.

Are QMS Medicosmetics Facials safe?

Yes, QMS Medicosmetics Facials are safe, particularly when conducted by trained skincare professionals in a sterile environment. Formulated for various skin types, these treatments include a thorough evaluation and personalised advice, so you can rest assured that they are safe and will target your individual needs. They are also deemed safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What are the possible risks, side effects, and complications associated with QMS Medicosmetics Facials?

While generally safe, QMS Medicosmetics Facials can have potential side effects, especially if not performed by a skilled professional. 

These include mild redness or erythema, temporary hypo- or hyperpigmentation, and slight irritation. Severe reactions like extensive peeling, sterile pustules, or severe erythema are rare.It’s crucial to discuss any allergies, medical conditions, or skin concerns with your Skincare Specialist to minimise risks. 

While most individuals tolerate these facials well, understanding possible complications is key to making informed decisions. QMS Medicosmetics Facials are considered safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding but should still be discussed with a Skincare Specialist.

QMS Medicosmetics Facials: Before and After

We empower our clients throughout their personalised skincare journey, starting with a detailed VISIA Skin Analysis for an objective skin evaluation. Following this, a personalised consultation with our Skincare Specialist allows us to address your specific concerns. Post-treatment, clients often notice a visible improvement in skin texture and radiance, reflecting the personalised care and expertise provided in their skincare journey.

What to do before the QMS Medicosmetics Facial

  • Refrain from harsh facial treatments or exfoliation for a week before your appointment.
  • Avoid sun exposure, including tanning, 5 days prior to the treatment.
  • Prepare a list of skincare products you currently use. This information will aid your Skincare Specialist in personalising your treatment.
  • Inform your Skincare Specialist about any medications, medical conditions, or past skin issues, as these can impact your facial results.
  • If it’s your first facial, particularly before a major event, schedule an initial consultation about 6 weeks in advance to allow time to address any unexpected reactions.
  • Be ready to discuss your skin goals so that your Skincare Specialist can create a tailored plan for you.
  • Avoid aesthetic procedures like botulinum toxin, facial fillers, and threads for 2 weeks before and after the facial.

Day of the QMS Medicosmetics Facial

On the day of your QMS Medicosmetics Facial, you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire. A robe will be provided as the facial includes work on your face, neck, and shoulders. The facial process involves:

  • Gentle skin cleansing to prepare your skin
  • Potential extractions to clear clogged pores
  • Application of specialised QMS products suited to your skin type
  • Application of moisturiser and SPF to hydrate and protect your skin post-treatment

After the QMS Medicosmetics Facial

You may experience mild redness and localised swelling after your QMS Medicosmetics Facial. These reactions are normal and typically resolve within a few days.


  • Gently cleanse your skin twice daily using a mild, antibacterial wash.
  • Apply cooling gels as recommended to soothe the skin.
  • Use a suitable moisturiser suggested by your Skincare Specialist to promote healing and maintain results.
  • Daily application of SPF 50 is crucial to protect your skin from sun exposure.
  • Avoid facial waxing for at least 7 days post-treatment.
  • Minimise sun exposure for the first week following the facial.
  • Refrain from strenuous exercise for 24 hours after the treatment.

The treatment includes a customised aftercare pack with product minis tailored to aid your skin’s recovery.

Where are QMS Medicosmetics Facials performed in Cape Town?

QMS Medicosmetics Facials are performed at Dr. Nerina Wilkinson + Associates, a premier clinic located in the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. Known for its luxurious setting and advanced aesthetic treatments, the clinic offers a sophisticated and exclusive environment under Dr. Wilkinson’s care. Here, clients can experience the full range of QMS Medicosmetics Facials, administered with state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionalism.


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An excellent team who will tailor make a skin treatment plan for you. They are all extremely knowledgeable and professional and use all the latest anti aging technologies and treatments. Amazing attention to detail from the beautiful space to the follow up care kits and check in emails from the therapists. Really a five star experience.

J Anastasopoulos

I have been with Dr Nerina Wilkinson and her team since 2021 and the level of professionalism is unmatched. So are the treatments, they truly have a solution for almost every skin or aesthetic concern. Could not love them more!

A Davids

My experience at Dr Nerina Wilkinson has been nothing but significant! I feel that for the first time, I understand my skin. Thanks to the lovely Louné, that has created a specific skin plan and routine for me. I am 39 years old and struggle with Pigmentation and Skin ageing. Our goal is to make my skin look as fresh, natural and glowing as possible. I have the utmost confidence in Louné to reach my goal. I started my journey with them in January 2023 and my results after doing a Meline Peel are already proofs that I am on the best plan. I am excited and confident to reach my goal and cannot wait for my next appointment! I would definitely recommend their professional opinions.

T Strauss

This is my honest review. I was very sceptical when I made an appointment at Dr Nerina Wilkinson and Associates, I thought like every other place that has influencers going there that it wouldn’t hold up to its reputation. I was wrong! Very wrong. Dr Cindy Kerbel was incredible, she took her time to explain not only my skin but all the available options for my skin. She has such a warm and kind energy. You immediately feel cared for. Honestly you won’t regret going here. I cannot wait for my next appointment. Thank you!

J Bentel

To avoid prolixity, you know your people are undeniably unbeatable when arguments relating to your age arise in conversations (read online dating apps). Despite clinging to the ‘wrong side’ of 30, I’ve made peace with those who assume I am still at varsity. Between Marisa and Bernice (with a shout-out to Natalie (as well as the rest of the team)) my skin and jawline (and the rest) have never looked more delicious. And when the Finance and Facility Manager is also a vibe, you know you’ve found a gem of a team! In short, I’m addicted (hypothetically, of course) to the needles (in a healthy wholesome way, naturally) and am never looking back (in particular at old Facebook photos when youth was allegedly in my favour). Thanks for keeping my aesthetic *ish together.

A Wright

I am so glad that, at the age of 30, I finally decided to come here! Such a warm and professional atmosphere, and Chantel made me feel so comfortable and excited for this journey. After my in-depth skin analysis and consultation, I was very happy with the first treatment, and for what has been planned ahead. Thank you!

F Badenhorst

I’ve gone for 2 appointments so far and 1. the service is incredible, such friendly and professional staff, 2. I had my skin analysed and then also went for a skin treatment and my skin is thanking me for it. I cannot wait to go back for more treatments. Highly recommend.

N Jacobs

I recently went to Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates to help me with my Rosacea. Walking into their beautiful, tranquil space is transforming alone. I love that they have a signature scent, which smells amazing. Each member of the team is passionate about what they do and incredibly knowledgeable, whilst always staying informed with the latest in skincare, technology etc.

B Georgiades

During my extended stay in Cape Town, I (Black American female), visited Dr. Nerina Wilkinson + Associates to maintain my skincare regimen while abroad. I was fortunate to work with my skincare specialist to develop a tailored skincare treatment. Not only did I receive great service, but she also provided detailed insight into the current state of my skin and offered additional recommendations for overall skin health. Chantel was excellent, demonstrating both kindness and informative expertise, and the facility was beautiful. And overall, I did see improvement in my skin’s texture and evenness, but I still have a ways to go.

C Okpara

Growing up I did not pay much attention to looking after my skin properly, but after starting my journey with Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates it has become one of the most important steps in my daily routine and I am loving it thanks to their delightful, informed and supportive team. I have always struggled with broken capillaries and dehydration, but have never known how to go about treating it and preventing further damage in the future. I had my first IPL session last week and I am absolutely shocked by the amazing results thus far. I was very wary about leaving my home during the COVID19 pandemic, but the team at Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates not only made me feel incredibly safe but I was also treated like a true queen during my session. After the treatment I received a ‘lucky packet’ of aftercare products and Bernice was there at my every beck and call (as I had many questions which were answered in such a timely and gracious manner). She also recommended products that have made my face feel softer and more youthful than ever before and I can already start seeing/feeling a difference. I am so grateful to the incredible team and I look forward to a future of beautiful care and loving myself in my own skin.

K Fourie

Growing up in the US, I went to dermatologist after dermatologist, and each one said the same three things: I have acne, it’s genetic, and it could be a lot worse. When I moved to Cape Town a few years ago, I heard from a friend that I needed to go see the women at the Nerina Wilkinson skin clinic, so I made an appointment – but I didn’t expect anything different. I left their office after my first appointment with Kim and I had some real hope for my skin to improve. She changed my home care, worked out a long term plan for me, and even gave me her personal cell number so I could message her if things weren’t working. It’s been over two years now and I have never been so happy with my skin. Kim and the other women at the skin clinic form the kindest and most caring team of professionals and I can’t thank them enough. From scalp PRP treatments for thinning hair, to lasers and peels for my rosacea, I’ve tried my fair share of treatments at this office and every single one of them has been worth it – I can honestly say these women have helped me feel like the best version of myself!

A Newell

“I have spent too much money over the past 10 years in hope to sort out my pigmentation and skin texture. Visited many (un)professionals and bought the most mediocre skincare. I heard about Dr Nerina via a friend. My last hope and the best decision I made. I was introduced to the Me Line peel and their skincare…this is now my go to as my skin has never looked this good and healthy ever. Extremely professional team, Bianca was my therapist. If you are looking for skin changing results and are serious about proper skincare, you should visit them. It’s worth all the money you will spend. An investment worth it…”


“Thank you to the wonderful ladies at your skin clinic. I have always suffered from problem skin. They have over the last few months advised me on the correct skincare and through their dedicated treatments I am now proud to show my skin without wearing too much makeup.”

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“Every day I look in the mirror, I can’t believe that this new skin in mine! I reached a point in my life where I thought that I would have to live with the consequences of the severe sun damage I have caused myself through years of surfing. Not only have you given me new skin Nerina, you have actually given me a new life.”

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“My grateful thanks to you all for everything you do for me, and I mean that from the heart of my bottom!”

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