Expression lines occur due to the repetitive and sometimes excessive use of facial expression muscles. Over time, the repetitive use of the facial muscles can cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Expression Lines

Expression lines occur due to the repetitive and sometimes excessive use of facial expression muscles. Over time, repetitive use of the muscles of facial expressions such as brow-raising, frowning, blinking, smiling and even smirking can result in permanent expressive lines (frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, bunny lines, gummy smiles and lines around the mouth).

After years of repeated muscle contraction compounded by sun damage and aging, these lines can become permanently etched into the skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Rid Of Expression Lines?

There is a variety of treatments available to help git rid of expression lines. The use of combined treatment techniques will provide superior results.

Botulinum or Muscle Relaxing Injections can be used to treat expression lines and prevent the muscles from contracting and deepening these lines. Existing lines that persist despite the use of Muscle Relaxing Injections (Botox) can be treated with Skin Boosters, Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels and/or Medical Skin Needling.

The ultimate treatment of choice that will not only improve lines and wrinkles, but the overall texture, hydration and quality of the skin is our signature 3D MD PRP treatment (aka Dr Vampire). (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy).

Will I Lose My Facial Expression When Treating Expression Lines?

Definitely not! Our aim is to achieve natural looking, but refreshed and rejuvenated results, all while reducing the appearance of expression lines, fine lines and wrinkles. Being treated by experienced professionals who truly understand your goals and concerns, means that you will only become the most beautiful version of yourself.

How Do I Choose The Best Treatment For The Removal Of Expression Lines?

Always start with a professional consultation with qualified and experienced specialists for an in-depth analysis of your facial features and to reach a good understanding of your skincare concerns and goals.

Our unique and comprehensive aesthetic couture consultation is available for you to discuss and analyse your concerns and goals and for our team of specialists to provide bespoke advice.

Schedule your aesthetic couture consultation today!