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Sagging skin

What is sagging skin?

Sagging skin, or “saggy skin,” refers to the appearance of loose skin. This occurs primarily due to a loss of collagen and elastin, the vital proteins responsible for maintaining the skin’s structure and firmness.

Various factors can cause the skin to sag, including natural ageing processes, UV exposure, lifestyle habits, changes in body weight and genetics. Everyone’s skin displays some sagging over time, but the rate and intensity between patients varies.

At Dr Nerina Wilkinson + Associates, we specialise in understanding the nuances of saggy skin. We provide customised treatments to tighten loose skin in various areas on the face and enhance the natural contour and youthfulness of your skin.

Learn about types of conditions associated with sagging skin and the skin treatments and aesthetic treatments we offer to tighten and restore youthful firmness. You can also contact us to book your consultation today.

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Conditions associated with sagging skin

At Dr. Nerina Wilkinson + Associates, we specialise in diagnosing and addressing various conditions associated with sagging skin conditions, tailoring each treatment plan to our patient’s unique skin needs.

As pioneers in skin science and aesthetic medicine, we offer our patients a range of treatments and expert guidance, focusing on conditions like sagging jowls, sagging skin on the neck (a.k.a “turkey neck”), under-eye sagging, ptosis, and pronounced nasolabial folds.

Our expertise in skin care combined with our unwavering commitment to the latest treatment methods, ensures that we adeptly manage concerns associated with sagging skin, elevating patients’ self-confidence and restoring their skin’s natural firmness and vitality.

Learn more about the types of conditions associated with sagging skin that we treat below and contact us to book your consultation.

Sagging jowls

Sagging jowls result from decreased skin elasticity, volume loss, and gravitational pull over time. These areas of drooping skin along the jawline diminish facial contours and display a more aged appearance. Effective treatments can redefine and uplift the area to provide a more youthful look.

Sagging neck skin

Often neglected in skin care, the neck’s delicate skin is prone to premature sagging as a result of factors including sun exposure, ageing, and genetics. Our specialised treatments work to tighten loose skin in this area and provide a refreshed appearance.

Under eye sagging

The delicate skin beneath the eyes is especially susceptible to volume loss and the weakening of tissue. Environmental stressors, sleep patterns, and hydration levels play key roles in causing these concerns. Addressing sagging skin under the eyes can brighten the face, providing a rejuvenated facial appearance.


Ptosis describes the drooping of the upper eyelid. Ptosis can be congenital, caused by events or factors including trauma, nerve disorders, or weakening of muscles in the eyelids during the ageing process. Addressing ptosis not only improves aesthetics but may also enhance vision depending on the severity of the condition.

Nasolabial folds

Nasolabial folds, commonly known as “smile lines,” are the pronounced creases running from the nose to the mouth corners. They deepen with age, repetitive facial expressions, and loss of facial volume and skin elasticity. Targeted treatments can diminish their appearance, revitalising facial aesthetics.

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Types of non-surgical treatments for sagging skin

At Dr. Nerina Wilkinson + Associates, we are specialists in advanced treatments targeting sagging skin, personalising each treatment to suit our patients’ distinct skin needs.

Leveraging our expertise in aesthetic medicine, we support our patients on their journey towards realising their skin aspirations through an expansive suite of non-surgical treatments. This includes Forma™ Lift Radio Frequency, Morpheus Enhance, Dr Vampire Facial Treatment, botulinum toxin treatments, dermal fillers, Dual Effect Hybrid fillers, Biostimulators, the thread lift, and much more.

Our team’s experience in addressing challenges associated with sagging skin, supported by our unwavering commitment to the latest advancements in skincare, guarantees a tailored approach to treating skin concerns. We take pride in uplifting our patients’ confidence and reinvigorating their skin’s inherent tautness and radiance.

Learn more about the types of non-surgical treatments we utilise to treat sagging skin and contact us to start your journey towards tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

Forma Lift™ Radio Frequency

Uses Radio Frequency energy to provide optimal skin contraction in the deep layers of your skin and boosts deep collagen production to create firm, toned and youthful-looking skin.
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Morpheus Enhance

Using Radiofrequency combined with PRP, Morpheus Enhance speeds up cell turnover for deep skin rejuvenation. It also stimulates deep collagen production to tighten and smooth fine lines and wrinkles on the face.
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Dr. Vampire Facial Treatment

Minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure that utilises the powerful regenerative effects of our own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to provide patients with healthy, radiant, and more youthful-looking skin
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Botulinum Toxin Treatments

Harnessing the power of Clostridium Botulinum, our treatments target nerve signals, relaxing facial muscles, promoting a youthful glow. Tailored for both preventative and restorative care.
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Dermal Fillers

Empowering you with nature's own Hyaluronic Acid, Dermal Fillers offer holistic micro-sculpting, harmonizing facial proportions, restoring facial definition and structural support.
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Dual Effect Hybrid Fillers

Merging the power of Calcium Hydroxyapatite and Hyaluronic Acid, our Dual-Effect Hybrid Fillers revitalise skin, offering instant lift and sustained collagen enhancement.
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Thread Lift

Combat aging's gravitational pull with our non-surgical Thread Lift. Securely anchored threads not only provide a visible lift but stimulate collagen, rejuvenating natural facial contours.
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Biologically active substances injected under the skin to improve the quality and functioning of the skin and substructures to firm, rejuvenate and improve aesthetic appearance.
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Frequently asked questions about conditions related to sagging skin & treatments

What causes sagging skin?

Sagging skin is predominantly a consequence of the skin’s natural ageing process. Over time, the skin’s production of collagen and elastin diminishes, leading to a reduction in firmness and elasticity. This decline results in the visible signs of loose and drooping skin. As we age, there’s also a notable loss in volume from muscle, bone, and fat. This depletion weakens the underlying support for the skin, leading to further sagging. External factors, such as UV exposure and lifestyle choices, can further intensify these effects on the skin’s structure.

Can sagging skin be firm again?

Absolutely. While reversing the ageing process entirely is impossible, several skin tightening treatments, such as the FORMA™ lift and Morpheus Enhance, can significantly improve the appearance of sagging skin. By targeting the underlying causes and stimulating collagen production, these procedures can rejuvenate your skin, making it appear firmer and more youthful.

Can vitamin D deficiency cause sagging skin?

Vitamin D is crucial for skin health, but its deficiency isn’t directly linked to saggy skin. However, vitamin D supports overall skin function and the maintenance of skin barrier strength. While a deficiency can impact skin health in various ways, it isn’t a primary cause of sagging in the skin.

What are the best treatments for sagging skin?

The most effective non-surgical treatments for saggy skin expertly combine advanced technology and medical expertise. Treatments that can help reduce the appearance of moderately sagging skin include Forma™ Skin Tightening, Morpheus Enhance, Dr Vampire Facial Treatment, botulinum toxin treatments, dermal fillers, Dual Effect Hybrid fillers, Biostimulators, the thread lift.

At Dr. Nerina Wilkinson + Associates, our approach is to meticulously craft bespoke treatment plans that meet your skin’s specific needs, ensuring that you achieve a visibly firmer and more youthful appearance. Consult with our experts to find a solution tailored to your skin.

How do I choose the right treatment for sagging skin?

Always start with a professional consultation with qualified and experienced specialists for an in-depth analysis of your facial features and to reach a good understanding of your skincare concerns and goals.

Our unique and comprehensive aesthetic couture consultation is available for you to discuss and analyse your concerns and goals and for our team of specialists to provide bespoke anti-ageing advice and recommendations.

Schedule your aesthetic couture consultation today!

How to treat sagging skin on the face:

Addressing saggy skin on the face requires strategies to boost collagen production and restore firmness. Leveraging treatments such as the FORMA™ HydraLyft, Forma™ Skin Tightening, Morpheus Enhance, Dr Vampire Facial Treatment, and Biostimulators can significantly rejuvenate your skin. At Dr. Nerina Wilkinson + Associates, we specialise in bespoke regimens tailored to combat facial sagging, ensuring your skin regains its youthful contour and vitality. Book your consultation today!

How to improve sagging neck skin:

Addressing the appearance of saggy skin on the neck often requires treatments similar to treatments used for the face. Non-surgical treatments such as Forma™ Skin Tightening, Morpheus Enhance, Dr Vampire Facial Treatment are effective in revitalising the skin’s foundation and promoting collagen production for a more rejuvenated appearance. At Dr. Nerina Wilkinson + Associates, we tailor these treatments to meet the specific needs of neck skin, ensuring a rejuvenated and lifted appearance.

How to tighten sagging skin without surgery:

The early stages of saggy skin can be treated very successfully if done by an experienced professional in a controlled environment after a comprehensive consultation.

The approach to skin tightening treatments will however depend on the severity of skin sagging or laxity and therefore a comprehensive consultation with an experienced specialist is essential to determine the most relevant treatments for your concern.

The following skin tightening treatments have delivered excellent results for those showing early signs of saggy skin, and wish to tighten loose skin and define facial features:

Forma Skin Tightening
FORMA™ lift uses radio-frequency technology to provide optimal skin contraction in the skin’s deeper layers.

Morpheus Enhance
Morpheus Enhance is a non-surgical advanced technology used to tighten and smooth wrinkles, utilising radio-frequency energy, adjustable depth micro-needling and fractional laser therapy.

3D MD PRP (aka Dr Vampire)
Our 3D MD PRP bespoke treatment utilises the powerful anti-ageing and regenerative effects of our own platelet-rich plasma to reverse signs of ageing.

Muscle relaxing injections & aesthetic injectables
Botulinum toxin is used to relax dynamic muscles, softening and reducing unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers are used to provide targeted rejuvenation, replacing lost volume, softening wrinkles and lifting sagging skin.

Biostimulators, such as CaHA and PLLA, enhance skin by stimulating collagen in the face, neck, and hands, promoting firmer, rejuvenated skin.

Dual-effect hybrid injectable fillers contain active ingredients that support the improvement of skin architecture, providing immediate results and a sustained lifting effect.

How to tighten sagging skin on the face:

Ageing skin often loses its elasticity, leading to sagging. Dr. Nerina Wilkinson + Associates offers the innovative FORMA™ HydraLyft, combining Chemical Peels, Mesotherapy, deep hydration, and the skin tightening capabilities of FORMA™ Radio Frequency. This combination of modalities revitalises the skin, enhancing its elasticity and bestowing a youthful radiance. Embark on a rejuvenating path with our tailored consultation today.

What are the best non-invasive skin tightening treatments?

Skin tightening can be achieved using surgical procedures or proven non-invasive treatments to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, replace lost volume, sculpt facial features and lift the appearance of facial skin overall. Some of the best non-invasive treatments for sagging skin include FORMA Lift, Morpheus Enhance, muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers and thread lifts (to name a few).

During a consultation with a skincare specialist from our team, we take into account a patient’s unique concerns and their skincare goals to provide a tailored treatment plan that alleviates skin laxity and related concerns.

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